InsightRO: need the current one removed.

Started by purely_mad, Sep 27, 2010, 02:13 AM

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Hi, I am the current  (just about 3 days ago) head Admin/owner of InsightRO, a SHR. We have been down for quite some time. The current site is no longer up. We have a new site and I am now the one hosting the server. We do not have access to the account for the server, as the original owner (not the last owner but the one before) who cannot manage the server anymore didn't remember to give us that info. I need to make a new account for it, but the current old one is still up. Help would be very appreciated!
Thanks. :)

edit: I'm actually now the owner of InsightRO as of yesterday.


And how is RMS, unrelated to your server at all and merely a "fansite" of RO, supposed to regain this information?


regain what info? I'm asking for the current account to be it is not active... even try going to the website from the RMS page.


Ah, you want your account removed from RMS?

The way you described it, it sounded like someone gave you InsightRO, but didn't give you access to the server files.

In that case, yC might be able to help you. You'll hafta wait for her input.

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Yup, that's the case. That way I can create a new one that's updated and that I have access to. lol yeah I noticed the 1k xD nice