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Offline TheOne

Re: ImmortalRO
« Reply #15 on: Dec 06, 2007, 04:54 pm »
Okay so u people want more Proof ? well i will get that for u .. and Sakura U said u did not hack ? why did u tell me that it was u ? well ?

Well anyway i am not saying the server is perfect .. and the server is just good in treating people k .. how would u know ? u Made us Feel like Leaving . would u please show some Stuff that will proof it ? cause with theese words u wont make it that far .. i will get some proof .. because what u are doing no good .. First u loved Immortal .. (the owner) u where married with him .. Second When i wanted to deforce u u got Psyco and tried everything To Break and close the server .. (btw That wont happan) 3the Why do u keep trying to win  ? give them some proof i will to .. ..

Thats the way of life u need proof not only words ..



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Re: ImmortalRO
« Reply #16 on: Dec 06, 2007, 06:58 pm »
I personally think that the outside viewing this, percieve us as the mean old GM's "Oh the GM's are picking on an innocent player" cause them to portray that we are corrupted instantly.
I have parts of the conversation that "innocent player" verbally attack another player. Infront of myself, GMs and another 5 -6 players. i dont think this will show much, since its only PART of it.


The red boxes are her talking since she made multi-characters, which myself had to jail the previous characters to stop her from insulting the player.

She only posted ONE screenshot of herself being nuked. Where's the conversation? that we picked on her? and verbally i mean.

But whatever.
Believe who you want to believe.

This will be the last post from me, I find this utterly pointless to agrue anymore. Since we are glad no more drama in our server.

If you have her in your server. Have fun  ;)
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Re: ImmortalRO
« Reply #17 on: Dec 06, 2007, 07:18 pm »
so that proves that i hacked? u think i hacked? u all do this because of hatred ur all Rediculious and second of all Ever since this hatred Started u all begin to do all this rumour Crap then now u try to say i hacked And now u try it again even on a public space, I reported this server because 2 main things, the Owner automaticly Also the Admins always Aim for me, 2 they ambush me, 3 just because u guys hate me, 4 wen someone else Does the a rule breaking u dont do anything about it, 5 u call urselves supportive Yet u spread rumours and Cause a drama into the server, 6 Yet u gave Evidence of nothing Relative to the Hacking, 7 u havent Proved The main point about the hacking if its me or not because How can it be me wen i know Nothing about hacking, ur just being a childish immatture person who tries to get me down For wat? Hatred? or maybe u want more and u lust to make me go down low like u are now.

already u guys just proved that u picking on one person, 3 people of all the Servers, yet u say u dont pick on me? even if u did say or not, u call urself supportive to the server, i see nothing supportive done on the server, The Gm service was the Worst ever also u guys Rarely do good Events and Rarely support any players so dont try to deny it i've been there all myself

I Demand u to prove that if i Hacked into ur server and i Demand Solid Proof, convos Do not include, i Demand u Speak of wat software.
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Offline Vv Zakku vV

Re: ImmortalRO
« Reply #18 on: Dec 06, 2007, 07:50 pm »
Ok. 1st of all... Most of those things you listed are lies.

I just joined about Three weeks ago.
These are some of the nicest GMs I've Met.


1. When people break rules, Punishments are in place. Don't say they aren't...

2. How does everyone know you don't know how to hack?

3. I read those screenies posted.... Sounds like a perfectly good reason to ban you even if you didn't hack.

4. The GMs are very supportive and Do Nice events.

=====Oh yeah. Two things...======
-- You reported the server because of 2 main things... But you list like 8  LoL~

-- You Also imply that "everyone is against you" like 4 out of the 8 you listed... LoL~

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Re: ImmortalRO
« Reply #19 on: Dec 06, 2007, 08:12 pm »
who r u to talk wen u have no evidence of ur own, the GMs there are lazy, supports Just sit there, Events just sit there Wat else u got? ur one of those people aint u? spread rumours? make people hate someone u hate?

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Re: ImmortalRO
« Reply #20 on: Dec 06, 2007, 09:12 pm »
Sakura even if what you say is true...move on, RO is just a game, you have no right to nesay how an individual takes time to open a RO server to the public, if you're not satisfied with how people are running their own RO private servers, make your own server, not that difficult to do...
Don't bother to flame at me, I don't take pride in yelling at children <=\, if you have constructive critism about my opinion, hey, I'm all ears. Oh! Right, Sakura ain't the topic @[email protected], in my opinion ImmortalRO seems innocent to my eyes, the GMs complied to the servers rules and punished the player that was breaking them, simple as that I guess?

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Re: ImmortalRO
« Reply #21 on: Dec 06, 2007, 10:12 pm »
if u see it in my view u'll know the difference

Offline Ansuz Isaz

Re: ImmortalRO
« Reply #22 on: Dec 06, 2007, 11:34 pm »
Sakura, I'm afraid I have yet to see truly hard evidence that makes ImmortalRO seem evil, corrupt, or what not. Admittedly, none of the evidence on their side gives proof that you've hacked. Still, you were mouthy, and that deserves some punishment. At the moment... You seem to have a lack of proof on your side. =/ I don't see hard evidence that they did more than do what must be done. I will still change my mind, if you have something that they truly are unjust, but, as things stand now, you're not even standing on ground, let alone firm foundations.

I find it amusing. xD You demand solid proof for things, when you have no such proof of them being evil for yourself? That's... classical, actually.

Breaking this down. =D ... Updating it a little, too, simple because it took me a moment to read. xD Everything seemed to be one big run on sentence.

1. The Owner, Administrators, and Moderators always aim for me.
- I point quietly at your demand for proof.

2. They ambush me.
- ... xD Again. This one seems a bit odd, for some reason. Proof?

3. Just because you guys hate me.
- ... I don't need proof to ignore this as a point. x.x; Really, you could have just been quiet about this. There are a lot of reasons ImmortalRO could hate you, with perfect validity. Take this thread, for example...

4. When someone else breaks a rule, nothing is done about it.
- There are two answers to this. First, is the fact that they may simply not be around to witness the rule breaking. Second, it does depend on the severity of the breaking. For example, the rule not to use profanity; if it's not over done, may simply have the character get a warning to stop. If they stop, nothing is done.

5. You say you're supportive, yet you spread rumors and cause drama to the server.
- ... At the moment, that would be you. o_O You're spreading rumors, as far as evidences say. You're causing a hell of a lot of drama right now. I've seen worse, but it's still pretty irritating.

6 + 7. [ Because they're the exact same damn thing. ] You give no proof of hacking, yet accuse me of it.
- Some times, showing hacking logs can be complicated, and may force you to show some coding of the server that they might prefer to keep confidential. Other than, I do admit that I agree that they haven't shown proof of this regard, either. This is the only thing I'm currently willing to stand on your side at. Kind of.

I've played ImmortalRo. It's not all that bad. The GMs are fair, the rules are simple, common place, and reasonable. Mind you, I didn't stay there long, but that was more because it didn't feel like home, than anything actually being wrong with it. There was no such corruption in the game, as far as I could tell.

... Don't really know why I'm responding. xD Probably because this board has lived too long, and ignoring doesn't seem to make it go down. I'm really not sure if this has gotten far enough out of hand that this qualifies for a lock, but, personally, I really think it needs to be. A few more posts down the line, and I've got a feeling things might start getting a little out of hand. Actually, I personally don't know whether nor not my post might be a bit harsh. xD So.. Heh. I'm a bad self judge of what I say.

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Re: ImmortalRO
« Reply #23 on: Dec 07, 2007, 12:44 am »
i wish u would stop Sakura first of all u cant win u know
only words are not making any sence .. second by hacking me aint making sence .. stop winning ..
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Re: ImmortalRO
« Reply #24 on: Dec 07, 2007, 05:31 am »
i've been told how many people left and i seen how many people left, u lost alot of good players, yet u give the most worst service of helping the server ever

Offline TheOne

Re: ImmortalRO
« Reply #25 on: Dec 07, 2007, 05:45 am »
What evah .. Please wait what other people from immortal ro wants ro say on this forum k .. than go complain about the server how many left and s*** they left because of u lol not lieng .. ask them ..Ure only out for Revange cause we dont luph u any more right .. not being part of the Fam .. right ? lost every one on youre side right ? idk

your own mistake .. later ;)

Oh and dont tell me on msn that u dont know anything about u posting this .. .. ..

We only banned 1 Sakura on the server not 2
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Re: ImmortalRO
« Reply #26 on: Dec 07, 2007, 07:12 am »
if u really are telling the truth why didnt u backup ur own words with evidence, u already proved u pick on 1 Person yet again Rumours Spreading for how long, and yet u still dont Present Evidence

Offline Altoun

Re: ImmortalRO
« Reply #27 on: Dec 07, 2007, 10:00 am »
I think I'm adding my 2 cents quick. Sadly I can't provide screenshots,
since I didn't think at that time it would go so far. (Tho you can see
me on her screenshot...I'm the little Wiz in the upper part.)

I joined this server about 3 months ago and so far I haven't seen the
mentioned corruption. If anything happens, GMs take care of, because
they care about the server and the players.

It isnt unknown for me that she harassed players, calling them names
and whatnot. So it's just fair to be punished. We don't have rules for
no reason.

All I can say is, she should forget all this and as others said, move on
and don't care for this s*** anymore. You want your peace and we ours.

Offline Ambrose Merle

Re: ImmortalRO
« Reply #28 on: Dec 07, 2007, 02:44 pm »
I checked the screenshot carefully. All the text box says is "mercy has been shown"

Crimson says: "don't come back"
Rigit(sp?) says: "Why don't you leave?"

The other players clearly are powerful adn max level, so they're possibly GMs. I can't see any auras, however, and don't know hwo old the server is. I'd have to join to do that, and I'm too lazy to.

I'm assuming two of them to be GMs, possibly admin. I see nothing to show they were nuking, and everything to suggest they were mass ressurecting. Were you nuked, I'd see soemthing other than "mercy has been shown." In addition, Altoun has no evidence seemingly to prove he's the wizard. Here is the last piece of evidence though I should note for the moderator who will msot liekly act o nthis info... Hinata 1, the player found dead on the ground (female merchant), is the only one dead. If "Mercy has been shown" and they were mass nuking, why is it that everyone else is alive, since not all of them are moderators, and administrators. The evidence on both sides is half baked. I'd recommend actually posting better evidence, or investigating further. I'm just going to be fair to both and say shut up, since this is getting no where fast. It's hard to tell what was going on in the screenshot, even with my eyes, since I'd need the REST of the text, and I'd need to know who is who. Slandering each others names, insulting, stereotyping, and getting wound up does nothing for either side. I do admit this evidence does pose some incriminating evidence agaisnt both sides, but it could be simple childish mistakes over actual scammings, harrasments, and slanderisms. I'd advise both sides to stop talking, go there seperate ways, and let this take its course since nothing more can be done outside of additional evidence. Most words from here on out will be seemingly useless, or self-destructive. Alright, I gotta get moving now, there were a few more responses I should review, and so forth before I work again.

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Re: ImmortalRO
« Reply #29 on: Dec 07, 2007, 05:08 pm »
many times u all in the server pick on one person so dont act innocent urself, Especially the host, killed me for nothing wen i even ask a question, how many times he done that, more then 5 times, also ur GMs misuse their powers, @kick, @mute, @nuke and @jail. just for wat? Talking to u?, there were more u did so why the hell u all go ganging up on me on here urselved Maybe because ur trying to protect the Truth so u wont be banned?, its pethetic