Im sick of liers.

Started by shane3x, Jan 02, 2007, 01:52 AM

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i wont mention the server because other the topic will get locked.

but all you people who got banned from RO "x" (not real server name) got banned bcause you botted/scammed/hacked people and you got caught now your trying to take revenge. RO "x" is a great low rate server and i wish some of you people grow up and gain some common sense.
In Memory of AnimaRO...

May it's legacy live on in AnthemRO!


Someone close this topic please! :D


i never said this was about animaRO.
In Memory of AnimaRO...

May it's legacy live on in AnthemRO!


   please dont make more post about it,everything must be told have been told...thanks to high number of low-quality people among the attackers,their damage was reflected back to them no more talk is needed,some of them already admited defeat and deleted their accounts...reaining ones will be pawned if they try to continue e-penis fight... just be sure that you dont give them weapons...


if serenty hated anima so much why he go to euphro which is run by anima?  i read the truth thing and im confused.  anyone help?  im trying to find server since old euph died but they all have same crap.


Just as a side note: I was banned on aRO for saying on the forum that Xennith is Harkens roomie which was proven to be true somewhere on this forum already.


Can we not bring this up anymore? @@;