Started by dgrey, Jun 01, 2022, 01:30 AM

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Hey hey,

So here's a project which is now just beginning development.
For those who are in the know, our team creates full custom projects.

Posting this to get some insight on; would this be something you'd enjoy? All types of criticism welcome.

== If you are sensitive to R / X - rated themes depending on your jurisdiction in relation to Drug use, Gambling, Organized Crime and generally any immoral activities. Maybe don't read any further...==

The following are only ideas at this point in time, and not set in stone.

Server rates - 1/1/1

Players cannot hurt each other if they're in same Party / Guild.

Core mechanical changes to the RO formula - Progression in the game is directly tied to use and obtaining of 'Illegal Items'.
Illegal items are items like Cannabis, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Fake Money ect...
Legal drugs are items like - Alcohol, Tobacco ect... these have huge taxes on them, cause government  /no1

Players can create/grow/brew and craft illegal and legal items.
All drugs provide some form of buff and debuff
Addiction can occur which will debuff the player.

All materials to create illegal items can be found randomly generated in the world, fields, dungeons and near mvps.
Monsters have a very low chance of dropping these materials too.

Gardening is required to grow the seeds with additional materials like fertilizer and water.
Certain areas and locations will produce certain yields when harvesting. So quality and quantity!
Castle holders will hold one of the best spots for growing your apple trees.
Castle Holders can hire npcs to automatically care for their plantations.
We hope to inspire some full on gang war drug cartel mafia action here!

If a player dies out in the field, they will drop all their illegal items inside their inventory.
the server is PK, so players will hunt you for your baggies and goodies!
Towns have police patrols who will confiscate any illegal items found on a player.
Police can be bribed to 'look the other way for a set time'.
Kafra and other service npcs like healer/warper will not serve you if you're carrying anything illegal.

The informant is a special npc who is a snitch for both sides of the law. This npc knows the location of all randomly generated drug plants and materials out in the world, he can point you in the direction of where to look. For a price of course!
The informant will warn you on entering a town whether you have anything illegal on you.
A player can also police the world and turn in any illegal substances they come across for nice rewards.
Legalized gambling is available, with horse racing, dog racing, casino's.
Underground gambling is available too, for fighting, cock fighting, mvp vs mvp bets, casinos too.
Underground npcs for banking / storage whom charge an absorbent fee of course.

Assassin guild will act like an actual assassin guild and can issue kill contracts on players who are too notorious/Goody goody.
Church can offer protection contracts for players - This is basically LFG.
Castles can offer player and script made bounties and quests.

Want to launder your fake self printed zeny? You can! But it'll require some effort inside an instance.

Custom dungeons which require the buffs from consuming drugs will be implemented. Rewards from these dg will be very worth while.

Smuggling instance for players to smuggle goods past patrolling guards and some real pirate ship battling.
Police/Bandits/Guards patrol the world and will attack each other depending on their factions.
Hideout and Warrant instance.
Players can create hidden stashes anywhere in the world. Stashes can contain items, zeny and even monsters.
Randomly generated stashes will appear as well containing all sorts of surprises, even mvps can pop out.

The list goes on and on.

The short version of it all is - Drug fueled open world dystopia. Join a drug cartel, sell to rich players if you find illegal items, work your way to the top and rule your own cartel. Lie, cheat and steal to get what you want! Work together or backstab each other in an endless cycle of high need and low supply.
We will continue to build onto this idea as it can expand out into many illegal fields.

Is this something you'd be interested in playing? Got any more suggestions?

Let us know here or discord -

In addition, I personally want development of the game to be as open as possible. So, a playable test server will be released very soon, and players can have the ability to see us work live on building this new passion project.

A very rough ETA on V1.0 is 3 months with the current ideas and workload.

Also, also. As I've been asked a few times already. No, we will not be designing a Wiki. Players are welcome to do that themselves. But we, however don't wish to triple our workload with that disgusting thing. Sorry, not sorry. /gg

Kindest regards,

Baldurs Chaos

Hey i like this idea and it is very custom and unique. /no1 Growing and crafting drugs is cool and how they can improve or interfere with gameplay. The thought of potential WOEs of drugs and power is hilariously awesome /gg. This ain't no place for a hero to roam /??. I will wait for more information on this and when it is up, i will download and play it. Hope this works out dgrey and best of luck. /ok



Thanks for the kind words! Development is coming along nicely. Can't wait to see you in game!