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I killed CrownRO. Ask me anything

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Title explains it. I am Adrian. Been playing RO since 2004. What's up?

well done chief you took the beast down

I am not familliar with the drama. Can someone bring me up to speed?  /gg

I was a Volunteer Moderator for CrownRO. Your name rings no bell and all I can say is that there was too much happening behind curtains. Sushi and most GMs were hardworking and generous. Community toxicity was present, but nothing enough for the team to handle at the time. I left early before the server crashed, so I'm not too sure of what occurred, but I had to leave a reply because you wanted to sound so significant, and I thought I'd put you in your place.

Alright let's hear it then. How'd you do it and why?


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