How to Make a Failed RO PServer

Started by crysiscore3, Sep 22, 2011, 04:43 PM

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Lmfao I read through all of this and it just made my day.

Good job <3

Charity Case

fck i think you just explained,rexplained, quadriplyexplained wtf is giong on here lol.


Wow. This topic was so on point! Haha. A lot of recent servers I've played have been gone down the drain by the steps you've listed. :3


Probably one of the best topics around here in a very long time.


I'll give this a late new year sticky.  Good work.


Nice thats true and this topic made me laugh but i disagree on step 4 cos 2003 RO gameplay is best for me and i know many players out there are looking for a server with no custom items all official items only


I just noticed there are 2 Step Four, is that the hidden message?  If you can't count to 10 your server will fail?  ::)

Also reading the list backward is more entertaining.


I came buckets when I read this.


So i bumped in this Thread , reads it once


Read it twice :P

Very well written sarcasm   /no1

Made my day ><
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Quote from: Auroraâ„¢ on Oct 03, 2011, 01:44 AM
This is probably the best topic I've ever had the pleasure of reading on RMS

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Quote from: crysiscore3 on Sep 22, 2011, 04:43 PMStep Four:
Who needs customs?

Customs ruin the game. Like Renewal. And Rebirth. I HATE change! So let's not change anything, and just leave it as Gravity intended it... in 2003. :)

When I'm looking for an RO server, it's because I want to play RO. If I didn't like the game enough "as is" I wouldn't be looking. Is RO perfect? No. Do you know enough about game engineering to actually improve it? Bloody unlikely.


Hmm, so thats how they become successfull....

Thanks for the usefull tips on my new server /no1


I've been here a few times and didn't notice it had been sticked :)
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Thank eAthena for making computer science a little more fun for everyone.

Great original post!


This did really made my day. LOL. That sure was a fun experience /heh