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Started by bhenina, Dec 19, 2009, 11:52 AM

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well, looking at the trend in server seekers area, most are looking for low rate servers. I opened mine as a high rate server 255/150 attracting very little populace. now if i happen to swith to a low rate or mid rate with 99/70 with no cutoms (my high rate one is overly customized 2200++ items with recolors), donation items that are already in the game database such as yggs or whatever have you... will that boost a server's popularity? (i mean aside from the constant advertising, spamming, illegal recruitment etc).

just wanna know. coz i do have a few players who seemed to like the server as it is. means i must have done something right too. pls blast my eyes with your opinions. (i fashioned my server to my liking, i guess not everbody likes that XD)


Your server just needs time to grow. High rates are also very popular with today's likings. One thing that attracts players nowadays is the inclusion of Third Jobs. People like me, have tried them already, and fell in love with them. So if you have those on your server, it's generally a plus. (Unless you have a Low Rate, people on Low Rates don't like them for obvious reasons).

But anyways, that's just me. Your server sounds perfect to play on for me, however the only thing that stops me from doing so is no 3rd jobs. I've played trans servers since they came out, and they're kinda boring. 3rd jobs are new, and fun.

But anyways, that's my two cents. You don't even have to do that to gain players, just give it time, and invite friends, have your players vote, and get the word out to people.


i see... i really want to add third jobs although, one thing is stopping me from doing so... arent they proven to be imbalanced as of the moment since most of their skills are well... either crashing a server or buggy or incomplete? ive seen positive reviews for such servers like uhmm Intense-RO. I havent played the server yet but from the look of the player base count, id say theyre really doing well.

ah but thanks for your thoughts. very much appreciated.


3rd job flips both ways though: some people want to see them, and some people (as shown in RMS) make it pretty clear that they do not consider any servers with 3rd jobs. Even if you have 3rd jobs, how you are going to implement them is going to be a huge thing as well.


Well, if you want a balanced server, do not implement 3rd classes. They are not balanced as long as there are no actual Renewal game mechanics yet. Though in general, HRs and SHRs are unbalanced already so if you're going that way...well, it's not as bad I guess. But anything lower than that should absolutely not have 3rd classes.


Which is why I stated people who play Low Rates do not like them for obvious reasons. On High Rates (my previous server) Balance was added to some skills like Terta Vortex, and gameplay was awesome.