How do you perceive 'Roleplaying Servers'?

Started by Revenant, Jan 05, 2010, 10:58 PM

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Alright... having seen these three topics, I've noticed people's views on RP servers tend to differ and vary in ways you'd probably expect. You have the "actual" roleplayer & the "watches too much anime and can barely type" and "LOL I PUT ON MY WIZARD ROBE AND HAT" mindsets. I myself have solely been involved with these kinds of servers and would like to hear what people think of them.

I would elaborate a bit more about how I personally feel about them and how I think most people do (based on conversations with people about the subject before), but I'd rather hear what others have to say beforehand.
For the love of god, people, stop posting topics about recruiting staff on this forum, or indeed any forum. If you really feel the need to publicize the fact you're incapable of running your own server, and as such, must rely on someone you know nothing about as a crutch, be prepared to deal with the consequences, as people who go deliberately looking for GM positions are most likely as dumb as the inept server owner in question, if not moreso.

People offering paid services may or may not be screwing you over, depending on the product. Web designers? There's quite a good few out there; many take time to do their work, and charge quite a bit as a result. Just be sure you're not getting someone elses' website, rebranded for quick cash. If you hire someone to do things such as install customs for you, give up running a server. You're wasting time and letting someone take advantage of your stupidity.

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