is there a possibility to play on a test server around here?

Started by shvktv, Dec 19, 2022, 06:38 AM

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Hi everyone. I am a veteran player of RO, and a few years ago I remember playing on the RTM test server... I tried to find it to do some testing, but it turns out it is no longer available. Based on this, I was wondering if anyone here knows of or has any test servers or if there is any way to access the RTM server that I visited a while ago.

Thank you to anyone who can help me.


It seems to me that instead of a test server, you can use a high-rate server
.:MindRO:. 150x/150x/10000x 
Where you can quickly reach level 99 and get any weapons and cards, as well as experiment with builds by resetting skills and statuses.
but at the same time fully play Ragnarok. Is not it?


thank you so much. I hadn't thought of a solution like that.  /heh