If you have the means never allow this guy Reborn and his friends on your server

Started by Klungoko, Dec 09, 2022, 10:00 PM

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On light of what just happened to OathRO some good stuff popped out, and I recommend everyone to read this and never allow this a****** called Reborn on your server or his friends and be vigilant because he is a manipulative piece of trash, he will try to get on your good side and then when you lower your guard he will stab you, I haven't met anyone more toxic than this a****** in all my time playing Ragnarok:

Believe it or not, this level of toxicity this idiot and his friends bring to a server when they come should not be allowed, this is the second server I see this cancer present when it dies, last one was RetRO where he and his guild were one of the abusers of serious exploits and probably the ones that really studied how to exploit them to the fullest.

I miss TravelsRO a lot, this kind of garbage didn't happened there.


Rules are made to be exploited, whether if u believe it or not.

Theres a reaction in every source of action, so the things he did that affected the staffs, the server, and the owner, will eventually get back to him at a certain time in his life.

And looking at how proudly he is at preaching his deeds and how he succeeded in exploiting others, shows how high his ego is. It'll be his downfall, eventually.

Enjoy the game, for what its worth.


I told you guys he is the dark hand behind the scenes. I laid it all out clear for you how he works, how he manipulates people and does what he does, but they thought I was joking. But smart people can see the truth behind the things that I jokingly say. When I tell you he has the market on lock, when I tell you to just give up trying to compete with him, people think I am just rubbing salt in the wounds for fun (which I am tbf), but it's also because I know how this guy operates. And he's quite smart, but also has a big ego which gets inflated everytime he thinks about how people are wasting away many hours per day playing on his server while he's exploiting them and other things for cold hard cash. You see people with 20k Abysmal Knight kills struggling for one card drop, meanwhile our little fella here manipulates the market, manipulates the RMT market, manipulates the players and even manipulates the staff to a certain extent while getting rich ingame and still makes decent money on the side (x]) from it.  It is what it is.
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