Does Luk effect the rate of how you loot rare items?

Started by sieth646, Dec 31, 2008, 11:26 PM

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Normally, no, if I'm correct.

However, some servers are modded in the way that LUK does affect it, at least from the glimpses I've caught here on RMS forums.

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best answer is to ask your server because you never know who mod's what ^^;


Thanks for the help. I've been hunting a sohee card for 5 hours with no results in a 20/20/20 server. Very annoying


Well, LUK always effects drops no matter what on the server, it just depends if they've changed it to give a much higher value. 100 LUK Normally adds 0.22% to a drop if I remember, so it's somewhat high of a boost but most classes don't need LUK.  :/


pretty sure the default is no, but you can change it.

If I recall correctly, there's an option on config (on eathena folder)

"is base luk affect drop rate?"

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I have it so if you have 100 luk the drop rates are doubled. ( ^_^ )

*Please note* Normally luk does not affect the drop rates. The server owners have to make it that way.
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