Guys Who really knows about stats..

Started by XanderDemon, Sep 25, 2006, 06:11 PM

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How many agi do u need to up 1 flee ar..?



oh that was easy, i was thinking he mean aspd ... which i would like to know too lol

? agi = 1 aspd slaw? i think it depends xD no idea


Taken from RO DataZone


    * ASpd stands for Attack Speed and is a measurement of your ability to swing fast.
    * ASpd is improved by your Job, the Weapon Speed of the Weapon/s  you are wielding, your Agility and your Dexterity.
    * ASpd is calculated as 200 - Delay.
    * Delay is calculated as Delay = SpeedMods * (WeaponDelay - ([WeaponDelay*Agi/25] + [WeaponDelay*Dex/100])/10). Delay should be rounded up to the nearest whole number.
    * Speed Mods come from anything that gives a speed boost, such as potions, skills and special weapons. The benefits are cumulative. Formula for speed mods is (100-ImprovementPercentages)/100.
    * The full calculation for ASpd is ASpd = [200 - SpeedMods * (WeaponDelay - ([WeaponDelay*Agi/25] + [WeaponDelay*Dex/100])/10)].
    * You can calculate your Swings/Minute as 60/(Delay/50). This is because each point of Weapon Delay is equal to 1 frame on the screen. There are 50 frames per second and of course 60 seconds per minute. This can be further simplified to 3000/Delay.
    * Swings/Minute is actually a more accurate representation of attack speed than ASpd.
    * See the bottom of this page for the table of Weapon Delays by class. In the case of Weapon Delays, the smaller the number, the faster! for the source / weapon delays


oi i replyed here where is my post
and yes it depends of your class like i said in my post where is he :(