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Gravity is suing some private servers

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Haven't seen this kind of news in awhile. Thoughts?


I'd hate to be the poor sod at Gravity that has to wade through all that. Like having to clean sand off a beach  /heh

I guess they will try to make examples of large servers and put the scare on everyone else. I figure emulators are fine from a legal standpoint, it's just the copyrighted assets/IP that's the trouble. I wonder if they have any recourse against non monetised servers.

Wonder why they're doing this now. They're about 15 years too late to tackle the swarms of pservs, lol. Maybe it's the last ditch attempt to save a sinking ship. Honestly I'm surprised they are still pulling a profit in 2022.

I have to say I like this quote though lol.

--- Quote ---We encourage players to stay safe and to use official global Ragnarok Online services only, as it is unknown what standards of data protection which private servers may use and if user data will be properly safe.
--- End quote ---

Coming from the people who region banned the whole of Europe rather than comply with GDPR  /heh

Does anyone know server names that are getting sued?

I know the first ones they would go after are the ones that offer monthly subs and those hosting on Agies server file set like Kokoro and travels uses. Plus I am sure NFT servers are on that hunt list as well.

If only they spent the amount of money in legal action into actually developing their game properly huh? Crazy thought. Maybe listening to their players, not being a pay to win money grab bot friendly game.

I am curious as to how far their actions would actually go? There are so many private servers, not just in ragnarok. Time to take the link to my instagram off my server! lmao.


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