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Gravity is suing some private servers

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--- Quote from: lungo on Apr 21, 2022, 01:23 pm ---Im going to enjoy so much seeing them go after the p2w servers LMAO same when they go for Origins.

--- End quote ---
Origins is probably in one of the better places right now given they don't take donations in any form, they're not using the RO logo and their homepage doesn't even mention the word Ragnarok, hahah. Being a big server puts them in the spotlight though and especially sharing the name of one of Grav's official projects. Servers running Aegis would probably be at the top of their hit list but then again the playerbase is so tiny in comparison I don't know if they'd bother. I also wonder if heavily customised / highrate servers are in a better place since they're not really gonna be competing for potential players like lowrates/classics are. When you've got thousands of pservs to potentially sue, which handful do you choose to go after?

Wonder if it's some licensing thing where they need to show that they're defending their IP. Realistically there's no way they can even make a dent in private servers and they're probably s*** out of luck if the host isn't in the US/Korea.

Didn't Gravity or Warpportal close down their official pre-renewal server?
If they did, they most likely can't even touch any of the pre-renewal private servers, legally, because it's a completely different game not being officially offered anymore.

It's like why Blizzard began offering their Classic WoW just so they can legally shut down any vanilla WoW private servers.

Unless I'm mistaken. I'd actually like to play an official version of Pre-renewal but I'm not into all that Ragnarok Zero crap.

Well, legally they don't need to offer something to public to have copyright on it.
It's just that it does not make much sense to invest money into something that doesn't net you money in the long run.

None of those 5000 "I hate renewal" pre-renewal players will play on official renewal servers even if Gravity managed to shut down 100% of all private servers.
Not to mention all of those who play on private servers only because they want to play together with friends that live on a different continent.

It really just seems like a waste of time and money unless Gravity has big plans to make RO great again.

I find that so hilarious.

After banning all of Europe from WarpPortal.
Killing off Re:Start then Transcendence.

And then they wonder where all their players vanished to.

I absolutely never ever will play on the russian "euRO" server, it's horrible

The french hoster was already bad (as they didn't care for a porper english translation) but at the same time tolerable still, as one good thing they did was active bot hunting. That made the server worth it to play on, knowing that bots had little to no chance there. But nope, Gravity accepted the russian hosters higher bid over the year long french partner they've had.

WarpPortal was my home for Ragnarok and right now I would probably even return there if they lifted the Europe ban, regardless of having lost my original account due to that.

PServers can be nice but they all come with the same big problem: Corruption and Favourism.
No exception. To some degree you are always at the mercy of tyrants or their close friends.

Still, right now I'd choose every pserver over the official russian "euRO" server they are trying to force me onto.

They are desperate and using scare tactics.  /heh
You really think now after decades, they suddenly care? Now that their finances are in the s***, they're suddenly willing to sue pserver owners?  /heh


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