Gravity is suing some private servers

Started by Kisuka, Apr 21, 2022, 04:07 AM

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Butt Force

Quote from: rubie123 on May 25, 2022, 06:00 AM
It's funny to see all these servers closing while the only server being sued by Gravity is still up and running fine.  /swt
A fair number of them were looking for an out, for various reasons.


contents removed due to sensitivity.


Any update on the Gravity incident?


Quote from: Butt Force on May 31, 2022, 09:51 AM
A fair number of them were looking for an out, for various reasons.
Hard to say that when all the servers that matter closed. For the server that got sued it doesnt make sense to close after already being sued because thats admitting guilt so it makes sense theyre still up

Butt Force

I am speaking specifically of drama-savaged servers with catastrophically low populations.  There's no point in naming names, they're definitely not coming back.


Drama-savaged servers with catastrophically low populations are all thats left at this point

Butt Force

That is objectively false.  Look a little harder.  Visit some discords.  Personally, I love the server I'm on, and the population is blowing up.  Of course, I understand lowrate isn't for everyone.


In an environment where 7-8k players were suddenly displaced due to all the server closures 200 pop with half of those being afk venders isn't really blowing up. It's pretty dead

Butt Force

You are pulling those numbers far, far out of your buttocks.  The total number of servers that shut down couldn't have had been hosting more than 2k total active players, period, when you allow for multi-clienters, and you appear to be playing some other Oath.  Most of the servers that have closed had active median member counts numbered in the low double digits.

More important than any of this:  what you're looking at is the natural evolution of a private server community.  There always, and I mean always, comes a time when the rights holder of the title goes s***, typically in a moment of weakness, and attacks their own fanbase.  It happened with World of Warcraft.  I'm confused it took this long for Gravity to wake up, honestly. 

The end-state is private servers hosted in countries that completely ignore takedown requests and offer no legal remedy to companies seeking to enforce IP rights of any kind, run by people who keep their identities hidden.  All of this has happened before in other games.  There's nothing IP holders can do to stop it.  It happened to WoW, now it's happening to Ragnarok.  It sucks that we lost some good servers.  Life goes on, and so does the private server scene.

You'll get over your personal loss.  I did.


Sol*** alone was 2k players. The only thing up a buttocks seems to be your own head.

Servers can hide in strange countries but it also means almost no players. You are going through the denial phase, you'll get over it


Damn that's crazy. Nova getting sued, Talon and Solace gone. What other servers closed?

I really hope this is not the end for our cute game.


Now that September has nearly gone, what does the situation look like?


Quote from: Tzuridis on Sep 27, 2022, 08:45 PM
Now that September has nearly gone, what does the situation look like?

I would like to know too.

I often open very tiny servers just for hobby but currently I was so scare of Gravity.