Releasing a server too early?

Started by Abversen, Apr 27, 2010, 02:37 PM

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Has anyone ever browsed around the newer RO servers and found that some of them opened up and have less than 20 online? Some even have 0, yet continue to trudge on. What is the point in doing this? One of the biggest perks of a new server is to have a fresh start with many other people. I believe that if you release the server prematurely, you are only killing it at birth.

But how does this work, I wonder? How do some servers open up and have a large fanbase seemingly automatically? (I consider large to be 100avg+ on opening day, so obviously no vendors).

If you wanted to give some tips about bettering the odds of opening a populated server, what would they be?

I was under the mindset that if you setup a website and a forum, then posted a set date that was at the very least 30 days in advance, enough word of mouth would be spread and enough interest would be generated that you would nearly be guaranteed a fairly successful server as long as it's what people are looking for. But that's the trick then, isn't it? How do you get people to know about your RO server to begin with?


Have a friend tell 5 friends, and have those friends tell 5 friends and then have those friends tell 5 friends...yeah.

I do agree with, what's the point of opening if you have 0 players part. :)


Stop caring. A large community builds motivation, but gearing your server towards maximal players will cause you to take design directions you might not want.


Quote from: SpectreZero on Apr 27, 2010, 02:52 PM
Stop caring. A large community builds motivation, but gearing your server towards maximal players will cause you to take design directions you might not want.

Well that depends. I feel that opening a server with a playerbase average of 20 or below (as posted above, in example) would be rather senseless. It's not so much that it'd be a case of "yuck, not worth my time, failserver qq /wrist", but more like a lot of players want a successful server. Not everyone, but most. I simply do not want to go through with putting everything in place then opening up a server that people are for the most part dissatisfied with due to population alone.


A lot of the servers opening up at 100+ are the ones who are re-opening that already have a community.


Well, I don't think it's pointless to have a community of 20. It'll hopefully improve from there.
Of course, you wouldn't start a server with just 0. However, for advertising servers on RMS, it has to be existent and online. Same with Eathena. I don't know much about advertising options, but get friends to join the server I guess... to start the flow. The server still has to be up regardless of the population in order to be able to advertise your server. Some servers start out small... like 10-20 people, and suddenly, they would get many players at once. I think TsbRO is an example of this situation.
In order to get your server known, you may need to buy extra advertising plans, but you just need to type a good descent description on your server page (for review page or whatever) and get some server reviews going later. Some players do prefer to play new servers to start out new (and not compete with old players).
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I'm of the mind that almost all servers should be personal projects, but that's speaking from a programming perspective. Due to the relative ease of using eAthena, I feel that running a server is more of a general management and programming skills exercise as opposed to something you should be dedicating time and excess money to. If you don't genuinely enjoy working on a server for the sake of running a server, you shouldn't own one and should instead settle on a position on someone elses' server.

Inevitably, it all somewhat returns to basic statistics. A favoured server of mine is MouRO, ran by a core developer of eA, Skotlex; while his server has never appeared to be popular, logging on and getting noobified in the face is an amazingly gratifying experience. I can only assume the only reason he's kept it up so long is because he enjoys what he does, as opposed to what other people expect of the typical server.


I couldn't agree more with you, SpectreZero.

I don't think it's pointless to have an open server of only 20 players. Hell, I don't see an issue with being open with 0 players. It all depends on what you're aiming for in your server. If your aims are strictly around WoE, or making a profit, then I can understand the need for a higher population. Our server has been up over a year now, and there are days were we have 0 players on our server, and then there are days where we have up to 30. These are all our IRL friends, mind you. Owning our own server has been an amazing experience.

Our server usually only has around 20 players, but those are all IRL friends of ours. Our intentions are to keep it that way, currently. Our admin is a hotshot software engineer that just has cash to burn and doesn't mind bringing out the 240 dollars a year to keep the server up. We, the GM's, do our best to help him with the cost, as well as the players. He actually made money from us this year! He loves little projects like this to test and push his programming skills.

The only way I can see "opening too early" being an issue is really if there are a large number of bugs or glitches that distract from game play.

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Well that's a stupid question. It's like saying, it's pointless to design a new car because nobody bought it yet. Durrr


Quote from: Anti-Static Foam Cleaner on May 05, 2010, 01:02 AM
Well that's a stupid question. It's like saying, it's pointless to design a new car because nobody bought it yet. Durrr
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I find the most important thing is to get the people that are already there to STAY there. People will always come and go but if you can make them stay then your server will crow constantly.
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Well, everything depends on your goals...
For big amount of players a good release certainly makes it a little easier.
10-20 people on the first day is better than 0 and will help attracting more.
It's not a rule though. I've seen servers with awesome releases, great staff, and grows only 10% every 3 months.
It's really hard to say what's the catch...