GatheringRO patcher has a trojan ?

Started by Technicolour, May 03, 2010, 10:31 PM

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I know Kaspersky is infamous for it's false positives, but I've never had this problem before with a server's patcher. Kaspersky was picking up a Trojan in the updater for GatheringRO ? I looked on the server's forums and the GMs were rather short/rude (in my opinion) about the issue when it was brought up. Urging the individual who brought it up to just set their anti-virus to ignore it. I'm pretty sure it is just a false positive... but the patcher was massive too which made me a little nervous. Anyways I'm just posting this here incase someone wants to check it out and to serve as a potential warning. I didn't really go too far into testing it with any other virus detection programs or anything I just decided not to play the server and promptly uninstalled.

PS. I hope this is an appropriate section to post this in /3\


If Kaspersky's picking up something, I probably would be a little concerned too if I were you.  Though a couple servers I've played over the years have dinged false positives with a certain .dll file in the program folder, it's never actually targeted the patcher directly.  If you hadn't already chosen to seek another server, I would recommend Avast as a second test; either way, I'm a little curious about this too and wonder if anybody else has had this problem.

For all we know, though, it could very well be Kaspersky.  I wouldn't rule that out until someone else investigates further.