What's with the Hurry in putting up a server?

Started by yC, Oct 23, 2012, 10:53 PM

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It bugs me so much nowaday that when I check new server sign ups, there are always a few of those that just give me a link to their control panel.  What about it?  It's about ... How do you join a server when they don't even provide a download link to their client.

Well look at some of the examples of what I mean, these are my collection just in October (excludes those that are notified and fixed the problem).  Scroll down to their link and go take a look if you wish.  As of now they don't have a way for people to download their client and join their server.  Why do they even bother to have a listing.  They might change/update, who knows. 



^ got 4 reviews already.  What's the point if no one from RMS can join.


^ this one i see they have a mediawater link in the description but that's not good enough, what about ppl not coming from RMS?


^ it used to have a cp, don't know where is it now, looks like paying rent without living there atm.


Other than those, there are also servers that just have their download link in their facebook page or facebook group (locked too sometimes).  I let go of some of those but in the long turn when there are other message in their facebook the download link will be buried and hard to find. 

So I am so mad right now that I want to flip some tables because I can't understand why people don't take a few minutes to add a link to their control panel and possible add a forum or facebook page so to help/communicate with people that can't get onto their server.  Some of them actually have players on their servers, I guess they might be coming from somewhere where the download link is provided. 

I'll also add that every time I see a server with this theme (designer link here), it give me a headache.  I don't think it is anything wrong with the designer, apology to Gerome before he gets mad at me.  I am sure the problem is with the users.  9 out of 10 servers that use that theme template, are those servers that miss everything.  It is like a graphical flux cp that is JUST A CP with NO DOWNLOAD NO FORUM NO CONTACT NO FEATURE LIST what so ever and it always trick people into think everything is easy to find.  My guess is the user think "oh this is nice i'll use it" and then install/done don't even bother to set the config and fill-in the missing links for the front end interface.  They think the "Society", "Support", "Vote for us", "ratemyserver", "download", "facebook", "tweeter", "kafra shop", "refer a friend" links/buttons will magically link to somewhere that works, such as this one http://www.gearo.us/cp/ fresh out of the box today.


// end rant.


Finally somebody said it!
Omg that gero, it's making my eyes bleed ;_;  all those pixels and bad borders.. and what's with the obviously tampered population peak.. 71, as if..
It's probably those people that just rush everything or newbies that want to be a GM or admin and know nothing about it, that's what I don't like about rAthena or eAthena, it's too easy, and everybody is spoon-feeding them how to start one, there are just too many subsidies and it's pulling a good amount of players from good servers to crap servers that have a high potential of being corrupt, each of those servers usually contain 1-10 players, and counting all those dead/newbie servers that's a lot of players.
And it's obvious that those newbies want to boast to their friends of what they've accomplished, invite them and *bam* less players again. It's seriously hurting the RO 'business'/'industry'/franchise.


Quote from: Strudel on Oct 24, 2012, 03:13 AM
It's seriously hurting the RO 'business'/'industry'/franchise/graveyard.

Maybe the reason some people are in such a rush to put up a website something is because RO is dying faster than they can set up the server :D

Or maybe their server is so awesome that joining it is the first trial of your worthiness to belong.

(RMS reviews)


Because opening RO server is the easiest and fastest way to earn money for "some people".

Make a vanilla server, get cheap server, copy common features from other server, and when some people donated, you can run with some money. That's it.

Yeah, I'm serious. Some servers are made for that reason. Inb4 donate for god items.


In a not so far future, not so far away, a young guy searched for a job that was 1337 at the time, he wanted to be a RO Gravedigger.
His mission a success it was and many server to bury he found but to hire him nobody wanted. It was time to...

( ノ゚ヮ゚)ノ彡sɹǝʌɹǝs oɹ ʍǝu
*inserts some kawaii niconico video about that*

lol'd at Skotlex post but he and Kensei said it all. Some players want to be OP[all about PVP, pride and wins], others want to end their search of a good perma[or at least 1year+] home, some admins just want los zennies from playas in da pockets and we end in this vicious cycle.

Making a server is easy nowadays, maintain it for more then a month not really but running out with money is so easy like doing food with a microwaves *cough* donations *cough* :v If the players that donate would wait at least for 3 or more month before doing that then maybe less servers would be around =P

Remember - some institutions around the world would accept that money too and make better use of it imo !


Yeah, there are way too many new, unprepared servers nowadays. As for that CP theme, I agree completely. Some servers redesign the buttons or even change the images/colours entirely, yet they don't update the links at all. That's the problem when it comes to free coded website themes... some people don't know how to edit or that they forget. If they purchase a new website, the coder would at least ask for links, etc for the most part.

There are a few reasons why some servers hurry with their server release without consideration for the server in terms of long-term effects (not all are listed):

-Friends want the owner/Administrators to hurry with a server release
-Not enough financial support (don't want to pay extra hosting for beta phases, etc)
-Quick way to make some big bucks
-No previous experience, server management for the first time
-Not enough testing that happens
-Assumption that once the server is released, more staff members can be obtained and help propograte the server
-The failure of a server and the quick upstart to the next server without much thought
-Some people advertise first before server release/download release; want more members on their forums first, may give download links to a selected few
-Perhaps the thinking that updates can be added in as the server progresses, do not need many edits for server release at first
-And so on...
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