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Started by solfat, Oct 26, 2012, 12:45 PM

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I encourage any players from FlawlessRO to post their experiences, positive or negative.
I'll start:

I played on this server over the past month and will try to be as fair as I possibly can with my review.

The things that attracted me to this server were the rates and the population really. There were plenty of people on from that start and 10x is typically what I prefer.
There were small issues with the server that I assumed would be resolved, so I stuck around and brung as many friends as I could to the server and started a guild up.

Initially when I joined there were the following issues:
-Bugged or missing quests that were not removed intentionally (some quests gave 500x their normal exp and were abusable)
-Around a hundred bots at any given time
-Abusable monster ai (increase soils - i'll go into more detail about this)
-Incorrect boss ai (a 0ms timer on flinch making leveling parties in dungeons like abbey pretty much a waste of time)

After playing for a month all of these issues were still not taken care of.
The admins implemented Harmony in an attempt to rid the server of bots, but unfortunately they did not set it up correctly and it auto-banned practically half the server causing a huge mess. This was directly after a rollback and a server-migrate because of lag problems so players were already upset.
This caused a huge population drop.

When we had finally got our guild up and running, and most of our mains leveled, we noticed that Mi Gaos / Increase Soil mobs still had the "duplication" skill. This is usually not typical, so instead of just outright exploiting it we personally asked the GM's about the matter and were informed that it was intentional and that it was OK to do whatever we want with the mob.

At this point after hearing from a GM that it was OK to abuse something like soil farming I had already lost a lot of faith in the server. So basically we decided just to level off of soils because there wasnt anything that was much better considering the flinch settings made abbey or thor far too difficult to do without very well geared and high level characters.
After doing this for about a week the admin account banned everyone in my guild for leveling on soils. We were sitll allowed to play, but our characters were all gone including the ones we didnt level on soils, and it put me and a few of my friends back about a month time-wise.
I don't really have a desire to play there now, though I am able.

I can understand my case may be somewhat biased because of a ban, but here are some other things to note:

There have already been GM's removed for abusing their power and helping friends / themselves progress their characters.

Many of the GM's are VERY inactive and log on once a week, at best 2 times a week.
The GM's dont seem to have any way of keeping in contact with the admins reliably, since when there were issues the GM's would simply tell players to PM and admin or post on the forums instead of trying to do anything about it themselves. (ie: attempt to contact an admin at all to tell them about whats going on)
I'ce noticed a smaller number of GM's being very unprofessional socially and blantantly being unfair to players in events. This kind of thing garnishes player hatred towards the GM team at a vey quick rate. One GM even banned a player for "foul language" after being rather foul himself. Hypocrisy is also not a great way to keep players on the server.

What it comes down to is that the admins, while mostly on top of things, had picked a GM team full of people who were not very experienced, or were either very young or very immature in general. This alone has caused many of the potential player base to leave the server, and has made the server look pretty bad to most of the people playing.
The admins also seem a little too busy to keep the server running smoothly taking in account the issues with the GMs, harmony auto-banning the players, the bugs not being fixed, etc.
In fact, after the whole soil situation, after banning us for leveling on them... the soils still split. Even right now the skill is still there and the mob can still be exploited.
That, to me, gives me little faith in this server sticking around for any long period of time. In my personal opinion id reccomend people to stay away from this server, but that is just my opinion after all.

Even still, I wish the FlawlessRO team good luck. I hope you guys DO stick around.


I agree, this server was promising but the server admin really has no clue how to run a ragnarok online server, I was essentially a member of the staff team for awhile and the way things were going appalled me to say the least. Her fix for everything is to hire more GM's who have no experience instead of bringing on decent developers. Promises unfulfilled, simple bugs that are still not fixed, I too recommend if you're looking for a good low rate with little customizations that you completely bypass this server it isn't worth your time/effort.