Firstjobro - malvare trojans?

Started by Zantetsukensan, Jan 05, 2024, 10:00 AM

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Hi! Found a server with interesting mechanics, but Virustotal says, that you better not touch that Patcher
and usual client of RO is 3-4GB, when this one is 7.5
is it how Private servers work theese days or is it s scam?


Not saying it's not a virus but a lot of servers get false positives from virus scans


Most servers are still 3-4gb in size, it is normal for patchers with gepard installed to get flagged as a gametool like you see on lines 1 and 4 of your image. Not so much the others, at least in my experience over the last ten-ish years. 7.5gbs is a TON of added files seeing as RO uses images to make the world look 2.5D


The short answer is, you're probably fine.
The slightly longer answer is that, if they're using Gepard, then that's probably what's giving antiviruses a positive, and it's no wonder; people have been considering it shady (or outright calling it malware) since back when it replaced Harmony.

That said, damn, 7.5gb? I don't remember ever playing a server this big, even those ultra-customized aren't this large. Also, I just tried to load that site and got a certificate error, SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE.


If you don't feel comfortable trusting the server's installer, by all means don't do it.

This has been explained in the forum before, I'll simply link you to the most recent one for more readings:

A simple 100kb or less file can do a lot of damage in the case of spyware, so having a big client could mean the server is heavily modified graphically and nothing else.


thx everybody for reply
btw RMS brought that server down from search list, dunno why.


The server is breaking our terms of services by hosting an "rms-event".  Giving reward for review is not allowed.

You will maintain good sportsmanship:

    Server owners caught providing incentives to their players for reviews of their servers (no matter good or bad) will have their servers suspended from the listing.
    Server owners caught trying to workaround the Terms of Services or taking advantage of loopholes will have their servers suspended from the listing.
    This includes but not limited to:
        Making any kind of misleading statement to players
        Creating any indirect way of providing incentives for reviews
    Server owners caught attempting to manipulate reviews or review results in any way will receive a warning and/or suspension from the server listing.
    This includes but not limited to:
        Telling players to give a high score
        Telling players they must write a positive review
        Writing multiple reviews on any server to inflate/deflate rankings
        Associating server score, number of review or server ranking with any server goal or event
        Blackmailing players in exchange for reviews
        Punishing players for writing negative reviews
    Servers caught allowing third party (including but not limited to: player, streamer, helper, GM) sponsored actions or events to affect their server review results will have their servers suspended from the listing.