Euphro curruption

Started by Abel Vox, Dec 26, 2006, 12:46 AM

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I wouldn't consider it "good as nothing" as the two main pepole in that initre mess was ZellKFF and Euphorian, Zell is gone, euphorian ovbiously isin't.

Abel Vox
Take a look at this news article. scroll down to Illegal online gaming


Heh pretty nice.. except for the fact that they claim Zell owned the server.. but meh I've yet to find a news article thats 100% accurate on anything ^^;


Just as a side note: Abel Vox - GM on AquaticRO server.


I'm confused is anima and euph same?  they feel the same and it said that debbie in charge of euph somehwere but got delted.  both truth thing and meltdown page are similar and it looks all the same.


From what people lately say it seems that Philip a.k.a. 'Debbie' lets EuphRO use that address (he bought it when it was down) for putting a link to aRO on their site.


thanks for reply serenity but to me it still seem like it.  Site say sponser by anima and you got anim advertising links.  Most euph gms are anima ones, donation system is same, webpage is by same guy i hear (you i think).  anyway too much emo i think i go play something else


Quote from: Emmie on Dec 29, 2006, 06:43 PM
Just as a side note: Abel Vox - GM on AquaticRO server.

Untrue. I am a player from AquaticRO. I respect Abel and find him a great guy but even I cannot deny that he has been immature and wicked at times. He is actually not only stripped of GMship but also of player rights. Even when he posted this thread, he was not longer a GM. That just goes to show the depth of this truth that he is requesting everyone to know. He is not advertising for any server and especially not one that has dismissed him.

Everything in the link is true to my knowledge. EuphRO was perhaps the biggest scam in the history of RO private servers. The system in EuphRO was a dictatorship run by GM-Euphorian and GM-ZellKFF. Those two GMs alone received all the money that was ever injected into EuphRO minus the amount given to the server. At the time of EuphRO's closing, the server was paid for another three months in advance. That just goes to show the potential amount that the two mentioned GMs could have accrued during that time. Abel Vox, him self paid $700 US a month. Imagine what a player base of 3000 average players online during the weekend could have donated to Euphorian and ZellKFF's lifestyle. Besides, even Euphorian's in game maturity is questionable. Like Nikita has said, he jailed her entire guild for defeating his guild in WoE. He has been known to spawn god-like items for his friends and guild members. (For example a Golden Thief Bug Card for one of his guild members.) He has been known to mob and tank the entirety of Bio3 for his friends and blamed it on being drunk. As if that is an excuse in itself. If you are drunk, you do not log into your server as a GM and abuse your powers. Simple? Perhaps not.

The fact that a server with dubious management such as AnimaRO assisted EuphRO in restarting raises questions about the integrity of the new EuphRO. If Euphorian is prepared to deal with such servers, should that not raise eyebrows as to what he may plan to do with EuphRO a second time around?

Serenity, I ask you, if you hate AnimaRO's management, why would you go to work for its beneficiary, EuphRO? Tell me honestly, was there no profit motive involved when AnimaRO bought the domain of Tell me honestly, is AnimaRO getting any profit from EuphRO's renewed player base? Don't say no when in truth, you are not 100% sure. If you are not sure then say so. But in my opinion, a great server manager should be 100% transparent to his staff. Else, how do you gain and give trust?

Serenity, I like you but I have to say you seem naive. If it were up to me, I would completely research a server's background (especially one as shady as EuphRO's) before accepting GMship. It's obvious you did not do this as you have admitted yourself, that you need to read up on EuphRO's past. As a result, you are perhaps representing something that you do not believe in.

I just hope you won't be as crushed as GM-ShiiN when he saw the truth. (GM-ShiiN was the main developer at old EuphRO. With GM-Belle, GM-Aqua and GM-Lance, he was the most hardworking GM. To my knowledge, GM-Euphorian was playing WoW for several months up to the server's end and was not seen online for months before then. GM-ZellKFF was simply inactive ingame, albeit he was very good at making the donation items.) GM-ShiiN was at EuphRO for a long time. What he says in the wiki is truth, no less. He loved the server and if you read the wiki you should feel the emotions pouring from his words.

Believe me when I say that EuphRO is sinking sand. Believe in it and you will meet your demise.

Edit: Oh, and if AquaticRO gets a lot of purposely bad reviews now you'd know why :-[

Abel Vox

 AquaticRO already had alot of bad reviews from players on EuphRO even before this topic started.
I had to make a new AquaticRO server listing because of all the flames we got...


flames are mybe true @_@!
omgee i can just report this donation items bizness to gravity US ,send then a whole written FAX with prroves and links
BUT i don t care xD i play in  a litle but nice MR :D


Thanks for clearing up EuphRO's links to AnimaRO. Like I had said, it was speculation on my part. But there is dealing between EuphRO and AnimaRO, that you cannot deny. Once there has been some dealing then there may potentially be more in the future if things go out of hand. Anyhow, that is again, speculation, but I believe it to be highly possible.

Serenity, I understand that Adam has never acted like that towards you. But what reason had he to? You're a new member of his staff. Believe me, Adam didn't behave like that when EuphRO was a month old with 100 players online. No, this only began happening as EuphRO approached 2000 players online average and the money began to roll in. Maybe you're prepared to give Adam a chance, but I'm not prepared to give him another. Five months ago, I was a passionate believer in him. In public, he seemed mature enough, spoke nicely and did the right things. However, words may be twisted, thoughts hidden but no matter what, deeds cannot be undone. Those things in the wiki are truth. They have been testified by so many that Adam himself no longer tries to feebly refute the claims.

In all honesty, I was prepared to give Adam a second chance. However, if you read back to Adam's oldest posts in the EuphRO forums, you'd find that he is indeed the person portrayed in the wiki. Actually EuphRO has a new forum, so I don't think they are even able to be viewed. He even typed the same way he is seen to type in those chats. Obviously, you wouldn't believe me without evidence so I'll give you some. In the period of the new EuphRO's tentative steps to rebuilding, Adam was very active on his forums. In believe he even said too much.

Firstly, when there were doubts about Adam's integrity, there were many threads posted in EuphRO forums regarding this. I remember clearly that Adam replied to a poster who inquired something along the lines of whether Adam had stolen money, to get lost if they didn't want to play there. Not only was his answer irrelevant, it was spiteful and utterly disgusting from a person in a respectable position. Would you expect it from an "absolutely kind-hearted and caring person" or a professional administrator? The fact that he lets his more superficial emotions dictate his words reveals his inadequacy to run a server.

When the new EuphRO had just started, the server was hacked and there was a long down time. Adam did not fail to accuse ZellKFF, who was previously his most trusted colleague, of the hacking and proceeded to tell his players, "Flame all you want to." It seems that he does not value his most trusted and closest friends as much as you would hope.

Do not get me wrong, Serenity. Adam is not a bad guy. But being a good guy is not the equivalent of being a good server manager. One needs to be mature, responsible, communicative and have high integrity - all of which, I believe with the greatest sincerity, to be lacking in Adam. Sure, he can be friendly, but who cannot? My point is that when the pressure is on, Adam is one of the those that fall. Did you not see EuphRO's first demise? Adam could have easily fixed his sinking ship by explaining everything on the forums. Instead, he shuts down the server, goes on IRC and flames everyone present. Even for a week, he could have saved EuphRO. The database was still intact and the server could be rebooted. But what did he do? He let his emotions get to his head and behave irrationally. He deleted the database that gave him thousands. In essence, he blamed others for his wrongs because he cannot accept his mistakes. He is truly irresponsible and incapable of running and maintaining a server of thousands.

If he is your good friend, then by all means continue to believe in him. I only wish to inform those who are less knowledgeable to another facet of Adam's nature. I don't want to convince them to leave or stay away from EuphRO, but I want them to know the full consequences of their actions if they decide to play there. EuphRO was one of my biggest mistakes. With its demise, I lost a year of my efforts. I only hope this would not happen to other innocent players in the world.


Is it your right to think that I am a despicable person, Tynne, and I wouldn't expect any less of you defending Adam, seeing as you work in his team.

I am in no way associated with the 'hacking' of EuphRO, nor with its original downfall. I never joined #euphro-chat either (no, not even once). Defending someone you believe in by trying to shift the blame onto others is not a very nice thing to do... I don't feel like talking about what really happened because my words would have very little weight in your eyes. However, if you would like to talk, you are more than welcome to PM me on IRC. I'm not interested in server wars and as such have no will to discuss anything more about this thread in public^^