EternalRO Theft?

Started by Caprion, Feb 26, 2007, 09:15 AM

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It seems that they've managed to steal the unreleased "Uncursed Glastheim" maps from FortunaRO (where I happen to play).  All information regarding this can be easily seen on the above link.


>< This is very upsetting and frustrating, especially to poor Denny after she worked so hard on that for so long...


Looks like EternalRO blocked this thread from being viewed... an admission of guilt?  I'd like an official response on this, else we're going to have to assume it's a misdeed.

Loki FortunaRO

No, they dropped the subject and stated they WON'T be using the map. Apparently, someone ELSE stole it and gave it to them, and now they know the true author is Denny. 

Though I'm quite curious to know who the original thief is...


probaly a server who we dont even know is using it right now.

*scary noises*
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wats Uncursed GlastHeims?

Loki FortunaRO

Uncursed Glastheim a custom on FortunaRO created by the Staff Member known as Denny.  She edited all of Glastheim to make it into an actual city, and now this is what we use for our main city.  Monsters no longer spawn, of course.  ^_^;

Also, with BrowEdit coming soon, maps like this should be easy to make... I have a few people alpha-testing Brow working on Fortuna, and we've already added four new cities as a result!  This map editor is going to be -amazing- when it's complete!


Yep, I saw this when I was browsing servers and I have to say nice job.

It's just really disrespectful of the guy/girl who knicked this though.