Episode 10 Server?

Started by dfounds, Dec 02, 2015, 12:17 AM

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I am currently creating a new server. I would like for it to be much like the server i grew up playing for many years. Therefore I am considering episode 10. Before abbey, thor, valkyrie etc. I found gameplay much simpler and more straightforward back then. I find the newer features render alot of the core features useless.


  • manteau, pauldron, muffler are simply replaced with Wool Scarf
  • SinXs of all types were relevant and effective(crit katar, SBK and Sonic blow). Not just EDP+Link

I could think of many other examples but its not my point.
I am afraid such a server would not be very successful and rather dull as many are so used to the new stuff, I am concerned these are just my preferences and would not be appealing. While classic servers are on the rise and seem to be gaining popularity, My server is neither a classic server, nor a modern server.

What are your thoughts on this, sound appealing? 


I'm not sure, do you mean pre-trans? Because there are several pre-trans servers around. Or do you mean after trans but before Soul Linker was added?


Ah, the old times...when everyone was a no...ehm. You know. Good times, reminds me of the time I wiped out half of enemy guild with my Gypsy. These days, nobody will get one-shot by AV.

But I doubt you'll get the same experience now. A lot of builds were viable only because people on private servers didn't know how to play. I doubt my 50-ish VIT AV/melee Gypsy would survive now.


For reference:
10.1 Einbroch
10.2 Lighthalzen
10.3 Thanatos, Abyss, TK class
10.4. Hugel, Ninja, Gunslinger, stat foods, Valkyrie

MvPs were much weaker, they had less HP, more vit, didn't have earthquake, spiral pierce, etc.
Bio3 mobs were not demon and didn't have trans skills, also no power up i believe. There were a lot of big Bio3 parties back then.
No anubis.
For the competitive side, there was no BG, no stun immunity and only FE WoE.

Personally, I don't find it appealing. With todays knowledge, WoE will look exactly the same as it does now: mainly AD/MS spam, and SPP/Dispell/Devo spam to counter it. Still no place for a SinX, neither for whitesmiths that were also popular back then. The only difference is that you need more priests to spam recovery.

There's probably a lot of people who would enjoy the simplicity of pvm though, but I assume it won't be long until those players get bored because there is nothing interesting to do.