What rates are you most comfortable with?

Started by Zurital, May 23, 2007, 03:55 AM

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When playing a server you search for?

1/1/1x - 10/10/10x
25 (55.6%)
11/11/11x - 20/20/20x
9 (20%)
21/21/21x - 50/50/50x
3 (6.7%)
8 (17.8%)

Total Members Voted: 45


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You can make a super high rate server where levels are easy but still keep drops low. Altough usually high drops and easy level go hand in hand in the whole "high rate" concept, but I still don't think what he is saying is far fetched.
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Personally i like my servers 10-50x
Because anything too high is boring, anything too low is boring and grinding is ridicules.


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Quote from: Silver Bullet on May 29, 2007, 04:52 PM
Personally i like my servers 10-50x
Because anything too high is boring, anything too low is boring and grinding is ridicules.

I'll have to agree 100% with you.
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I think my optimum would be around x3/x3.5/x6, up to about x5/x5.5/x7

That sounds really wierd, but more or less, the x3.5 would help Job EXP (which seems to be typically lower for monsters than EXP gain) keep up to EXP, and x3-x5 for EXP and JXP is where I'm nice and comfortable.  The item drop rate may seem fairly high, but depending on a .05% drop rate (or even lower for Cards) is sort of ridiculous to me.  (This is especially true for Gunslingers, who barely have any weapons as it is, and they all have crappy drop rates...)


low rate to mid rate (if its extending more than lvl99)... as long as its balanced... but i wouldn't play 1x anymore... playin like the official server's rate is too much to take...

oh yeah, high rates n up are for kids... hehehe...
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If its above 15 your in for one hell of an imbalance-fest.


1x/1x/1x to 7x/7x/7x works for me. Any higher's way too easy.


I hate low rates anyway you put it unless the server is built around leveling. example. Making monsters weaker. Would help players level without giving them an advantage over other players. I've been to a few nice servers that did this then recently got closed. For not having a hoster.

HR. Go waist all your time in low rate.... But i can i actually have a job and family!!! I have a life i like to play games that don't take months to finish.


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Under 15... preferably with a drop rate to match the exp gain to keep the economy a little more balanced. 13/13 is still kinda too high for me... Maybe 8 would be good ^.^
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