endless ro scammer (server owner)

Started by denoyah, Sep 16, 2007, 08:46 PM

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i been helping this b***h a** c**t wh***
she blocked me 2 times while helping her first time she said it was someone else on her msn now she just did it again
do not help her
Her msn is

[email protected]

her server is

her server sucks donkey she doesnt even know how to edit npcs/client i set up the client for her and she blocks me
if you would like a chat log
ill be glad to give you it

look you can take this as a warning or just ignore it i dont give a s*** what ya do but im leaving this warning on about 30 websites
Posted on: September 16, 2007, 12:44:56 pm
just wanna say thx to this b**** im done with helping ro and doing ro cya guys
i have quit ro due to being f*** over to many times cya guys


There are only 2 people on that server (20 accounts total, 17 characters), and their "Register" link is wrong.  There is no point to this personal dispute being posted here, no one cares because no one plays that server except maybe literally 4 people.  So they blocked you on msn, what is your point in making this thread?