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Started by BuBuChaCha, May 07, 2011, 12:43 AM

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my post can be counted as a rant but yeah...

i really hated how some HR servers advertise themselves to have OVER 9000! drop rates, just to be suddenly disappointed that their card drop rates are VERY LOW. back during those times, drop rate settings are just simple; when you say 2000x, it means 2000x drop rates on ALL items, including cards. now because of the fact that you can set different drop rates for different item types, i feel some servers are using it in a way to "falsely advertise" their servers to have high drop rates while in fact that their card drops are very low. :<

the only thing i want from an HR/SHR server is to have the SAME drop rate for all items types including MVP drops and cards because i'm a lazy person like that. and i also don't get why server owners stick to the stereotype that cards/MVP items are meant to be dropped at low rates. because they're "overpowered"? in fact, because of the SHR/HR server's ratings, these items just balances themselves out (though i agree that GTB card needs some tweaks to work in a balanced way).

which also brings up my suggestion to RMS to extend the server rate info from (blevel/jlevel/droprate) into (blevel/jlevel/itemdroprate/MVPdroprate/carddroprate/MVPcarddroprate). yeah it's too long, but at least server rates will be more specific now.

of course, YMMV, but this has always been my pet peeve over other servers and this is what is keeping me from playing them.


You'll have to use the search form for that, even so I am sure some of the owners don't know what those fields are asking and few in random numbers.  That can't be helped.

I think the card, mvp card, equip, mvp equip separate drop rate help to keep the no so imbalance high rate server more balanced.  Before I notice those separate rates exist I'd imagine everyone on a super high rate server are walking around with mvp cards.