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Donation question


hey everyone I just started on this server yesterday and so far i think it´s amazing low rates, new dungeons, Homunculus, lots of new stuffs, it just great.
My question is donations are  made through paypal, right?
Second, what if u make a donation, the gm´s give u some kind of reward 4 that?

nevertheless, really cool server me an my friends just started like i said, so in about 2 days i will be looking 4 a guild can someone help my with that? XD
Por cierto tambien hablamos español por aquello de alguna guild solo en español

err...we don't know what server you are talking about.  We do not open a server here at RMS.  You better ask your in-game gm about donation method, donation reward and be sure to ask what's the refundable period.  (hmm i think the server's gm must want you to contact them, since you are willing to donate.)

congrat on finding a server of your taste, anyway.


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