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Author Topic: Deviantro needs lil help  (Read 13018 times)

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Re: Deviantro needs lil help
« Reply #45 on: Sep 30, 2008, 06:17 pm »
It's funny that everytime Scar have posted people managed to tell and incriminate him that he was flaming and wanted him to "stfu and mind his own bussiness", even if all he said was truth, and all reply they do is something like "OMG FLAME AAHH" or something.
Funny that someone even pulled the "ITS A GAME" and "GET A LIFE" Card, too bad when you do that you automatically admit that any work for the game is a waste, thus saying working on a server is a waste.(Also funny when you say Grow up to anyone who disagrees with you)
Instead of fighting to prove you got hormones or anything like that, why not admit the mistake and ask nicely from the people how to improve your server? By fighting, it does not only scare people away, but give your server somewhat a karma.

I know that the ones that posted here and defended the server really want it to grow.
And wararararar...
----------------------/ /-----------------

Pandora said it all, flash up on the banner and the font really messed a little with me, since I need to load it again everytime I browse the server information. Art-wise and FABULOUS-ness the server is very nice
Another typos: On staff, "We going to add more GM Members later.", there is a "are" before going and after we. On front page, "Job Swapper will back in the next reboot", there is a "be" before "back", on donation page too "we gonna use the donated".
Server customs are nice, I've seen it on other servers but they are somewhat balanced, comparing with most servers that put +100 stats and stuff, Hibram customization shouldn't drain 50% SP, it almost disable mages without pharaoh.
The server is really very basic to me, but I'm a customization whore so don't worry.

I'd give it 8.0/10, with just some downfalls being the forum design, typos and site flash.

P.S: Something made me shiver when I looked into the Donate bar:
$450 = Wrath Of Midgard
This is really, really weird, seeing how easy this weapon is countered(Wind and Thana effect?) and it somewhat can be blocked isntantly, and dude, 450 DOLLARS? It is supposed to be medium, like 60$, so everyone can and donate, not just hope for someone be crazy enough to pay 450 dollars only one time to get a blade that can be hacked and blocked by anyone.

P.S2: this = That? You guys should be professional enough to know that there were a thread already.
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Re: Deviantro needs lil help
« Reply #46 on: Sep 30, 2008, 06:54 pm »
my god.... you guys managed to make a 4 page flame/troll/spam war in the time it takes me to go to sleep, then wake up head to school and come back.....

actually your lovely mod that you talk about so much JJJ told rage to put the topic here.
i don't tell ppl to make topics and bla bla XD
it tell them that if they want to make it, and it follows the rules they should go ahead and do it

That's a lot of flame. Where's 3J when you need him?
school and sleep >.> yesh

only person would understand where was coming from is JJJ he is cool.
honestly, even after reading all this its still hard to understand where this is all coming from... i mean i never understand flames anyway /swt

You really want me to explain?
Look at what JJJ write,
this 100% fails as a server advertisement
that is true, 2 links + an image doesn't make a proper advertisement, maybe if i could read the text on the image it'd help XD but clearly i can't cause im pretty blind as is T_T
read the rules here if you guys need to know what a proper one looks like >>Clickie<<
not to mention it is true, there was a time when deviantRO did spam the forums a bit with around 8 - 10 topics all but one of which i deleted

Lol since forum mod or someone delete your trash topic in Suggestion Thread,

I am posting this so I am not considered lying.


To mods: Please don't just delete topic without saying anything, put it in Junk Yard or something, it might be needed to back up certain statements. Thanks.

that wasn't me XD
and personally i junk yard the first topic so their automatically sent a PM so they know whats going on,
then i just delete the rest after junking the first

now onto this topic, its spammed and flamed beyond repaire at this point if you ask me...
now if i were to hand out warns a lot of you would get them i'm sure, but at this point i'm pretty tired from school and all my lame school junk XD
so. for now im going to just close this topic

so to deviant RO, when posting advertisement, don't spam, follow the rules, and most of all! read the guidelines

to the rest, don't spam, flame, or troll your all getting away with it this time cause im way to tried to warn you guys.... then again i might come back just for that purpose XD but i doubt it

anyway CLOSED