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youll just get a bunch of diff responses depending on whos reading at the time

We understand that we can't please everyone and that people are different but we also want to value data. This doesn't mean we're not implementing our own stuff but good data analysis can be very helpful in any projects and decision making.

I highly recommend you look into facebook groups and what people are seeking for and compile data that way.

OP you doing the right thing by making a server that the people want and not what you think they want; so don't pay attention to what neffi has to say.

While it's good to have a vision for the server, you might not be completely right and so getting opinions is always a plus.

With that being said, it's 2k22 so please no grind / low rate server. mid-rate would be good with a classic experience like maybe putting out episodes in installments instead of all end game stuff from server launch.

“ With that being said, it's 2k22 so please no grind / low rate server.”

think this is what some meant about everyone has an opinion. people love low rates

will prob see that in the survey


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