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in for another low rate server

Hello, this is just my 2 cents since this is my job as an advertiser / video editor of some of the well known Ragnarok Server.

When creating your own server you need to consider many things that many has failed to do.

First on the list is the power of Advertising, many of my clients will start advertising their server when they are about to launch their server. I mean putting or listing your server here on RMS will never be enough. The ideal time to advertise your server is 1 month before your opening, spamming on different Ragnarok Group will help a lot but having a professionally made graphics for ads and promotional video that will get the interest of players will be a big help.

If you are planning to make whether High Rate or low rate server much better if you plan in advance. Not just on what to quest to add ingame or what items to put on the next maintenance. It's much important to  interact with your players because adding different kind of automated event or exciting items will just cause the players to leave the server.

Rates are actually easy:

* High rates- some people join and as fast they join they leave
* Low rates- Barely anyone joins, most are retained but many leave too because the grind is unbearable
* Mid rates- if it's too high it will happen exactly as with high rates servers so you need to go more than low rates but not high enough that it cheapens the experience

99/70 mid/high rates revolve mostly around WoE/BG community and servers kind of die by themselves once that community loses interest, either because of burnout or because they keep/started to lose WoE. Which is sort of ok for some owners because they can start a new server and get profits from donations again. The grind is still there on many of those servers despite increased rates because donation items end up being expensive unlesss of course, you decide to use your wallet instead.

With low rates it's always a grind but at least with some servers I have decent degree of confidence my characters and items will still be there in a few months/years.

I think a server with Zero mechanics is an underused concept that is poorly explored at the moment. I only know of two Zero servers right now and I wouldn't lie to say that I would love to see more Zero servers popping up.


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