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Started by Tokeiburu, Feb 27, 2016, 02:34 PM

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I'm curious to know how Dawn of Midgard acquired their list of emails. I'm receiving spams from them from my facebook email, yet they have never received my consent. I do not play on DoM and I never registered an account over there. Apparently I've been subscribed to "Other RO servers", which is not true at all. I do not even know what Other RO is.

I haven't played many RO servers either (only one-ish), so I doubt they got it from another server. My only guess here is they've gotten it from facebook digging, which would be... somewhat disgusting if it were the case.

So I'd like to ask DoM why is it that I'm receiving your emails. And I'm talking about these, just so we're clear :


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I have never played nor registered on ggRO. So they didn't get mine from there for sure.


maybe they got the email from ea, ra, or he.

the black aero for your gmail look slick tho


The email they sent it to (an hotmail one) is strickly used for facebook. rA and Hercules do not use that one.


Let me explain how this retarted RO business works (as you see, i write here from gm account of some server, which is already dead)

1. FluxCP exploit => all servers with fluxcp and without updates until end of 2015 are hacked.
When i said ALL, that's mean ALL. woon / estland / tervist / finalrag / other different RO servers around the globe.

2. i was sent several reports about exploit in fluxcp to people who can fix it, and to guys who can block access to the fluxcp due to exploits, i was do this job since 2012, and nobody really care, really. They said: "this is opensource, bla bla bla, if you wish help -> push your commit". Btw, as i remember the guy who made robrowser was confirm about different of these issues in 2012 or 2013. (you can google it at ra & herc boards)

3. in 2015 after trowing s*** and making panic at different dev. boards (ra / herc) and insulting developers of fluxcp, the owners of fluxcp repo already stop ignoring this issue, and few very good guys at herc.ws and rA made few important updates and fixes to destroy exploit. (check ra & herc.ws github)

How did i start to know about these exploits? Easy-breasy! Say "thank you" to russian retarted guilds, which tried to hack me several times and was organize several ddos attacks against my different servers in past (since 2012). I have naxsi & fail2ban which send me warnings to email when idiots trying to hack cp, or trying to use different illegal chars in fields or access /data/ path. + Thx some russian guy who was confirm about that s***, when i already noticed about that. (this guy already have databases of mentioned servers above)

I did ask several times for access.log from owners of hacked servers, and all game masters afraid that, and did't even try to help me, and themself to find and confirm this issue. But only few people, not so scared bastards like other one, and they was sent to me access.log, and i was check these logs by different tools, (goaccess + custom regex requests for custom requests), and ALL was have the same pattern how hackers hacking & stealing dbs of the game servers. (tor nodes ips, the same hacker resolution of display, the same language at browser & thanks to webrtc leak, we found (not personally me) some russian bastards and french trash people who did that s***))

Overall, i do not say about DoM like about the server who sending spam to hacked db, because i do not know for sure where they did get emails.

But i have several emails from them to my email, with adversting. But it's ok in such ro scena, where haked dbs used for adversting at another ones.
As about me, when i do email adversting, i'm trying to notify player where he was play (at mine server) and why he get this email, and what he should to do to unsubscribe). I do not remember how about DoM, because i did removed their emails.

If you see a lot of russians at your server, be sure -> your server already hacked or they find a way how to cheat and bot ;)
I'm just sharing my personal experience, i hope someone i will help to someone, who still have illusions about success servers =)  /kis


We've been given mail databases from multiple other servers. Which explains the name of the list.

If you don't want to be on the list, feel free to unsubscribe!


Something tells me that is not how it works.

How can you unsubscribe to something you never subscribe to?

And what would prevent another person with the same email database to automatically resubscribe the emails again?

Also, what was the justification for obtaining email listings and automatically subscribing them anyways?


@lokiro I can actually believe that, and it is most likely true. Though, the issue here is whether or not they've used these lists. So going into more details would be off-topic.

@Zinnia Pretty much what Bue said, that's not how it works. I don't know if you're speaking for DoM, but if you are, I would kindly tell whoever's responsible for the email lists to stop. What you're doing is illegal in both the US and Canada (not aware of the other countries' laws). It is required to have consent (or implied consent) before sending spam emails, which you clearly did not have here.


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Zinnia paid shady dudes for mail lists so he can advertise to "retired" players, basically.


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Alright, well thank you for admitting it, at least. This is a shady move though, and frankly it doesn't make you guys look good at all. But hey, it's a mistake, and I sure hope you are going to fix it. Only send emails to your own players (which is implied consent and that's perfectly fine).

On a side note, DoM is the only server which sent me spam emails so far. I don't know if other servers use the same 'advertising strategies', but I sure as hell hope this won't happen again. I'm only worried that you guys are going to sell your own list at some point, but at least if that happens we'll know who's responsible for it.


I'm tired of reading DoM drama. Just let them do what they want, nobody really cares.

The prophecy is going to come true.