Rant: How to make me play on your server

Started by Anti-Static Foam Cleaner, May 19, 2007, 06:51 AM

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The last 5 servers I played were non-donation.

I judge by content, not website. Not saying a good website doesn't help. Alas, it's far from 'crucial' in my viewings.
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Glenn, it doesn't change the fact that in a way he is right. If I see a server that has a poor website or it's only forum based than I go somewhere else. It's a simple thinking, true, but that's what so many people do.


Well, I generally go where my friends go. So I don't even look at the website at all 90% of the time. Maybe I'm the odd one. "Zomg he has friends?!"
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I get your point Glenn, but he did mention it was only his point of view. Sure some people will look past first impression, but not all, and usually people are aiming at a general public, you wanna attrack players as much as possible ^_^
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Quote from: Anti-Static Foam Cleaner on May 19, 2007, 06:51 AM

4) The forums

A) I would love to see the day where your forum account is same as your game account to save me trouble, but I guess that will never happen. At least skip the mail verification process. You already have CAPTCHA. That's enough protection for something so unimportant.
B) Go here. And look around. There are three Announcement threads: "Forum rules". Ok. A "List of Class-Related Guides in RO Empire Forums (please read!)". Very good. And something called "READ BEFORE POSTING!!". Scrolling down, there's also "READ THIS BEFORE POSTING!!!", and "Read Me Before Posting.". A typical admin/mod lameness. First of all, if you have oh-so-important stuff to tell the users, do it in ONE GODDAMN THREAD NOT IN THREE OR MORE. Second thing, if you tell the users "Not to use vague/incomprehensible topic names like 'help'" in the rules, APPLY THIS TO YOURSELF too. I don't know if "READ BEFORE POSTING!!" is some silly rules repeated or "Server closing next friday, gg".
C)Not that anyone'll listen, but trim the sizes and dimensions of avatars/sigs a bit. I know that when everyone have 1MB broadband at least it's easy to forget about the bandwidth, but remember: "Servers don't run on rainbows and porn", as the saying goes. "There's ALWAYS a limit." is another. But nevermind about that, it's a digression.

THIS, was my favorite. I'd like to emphasize "server closing next friday, gg". LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

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Here's one; MAKE YOUR OWN GODDAMN Forum/Server/Legs.

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