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Author Topic: Corrupt Server Owners  (Read 16800 times)

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Re: Corrupt Server Owners
« Reply #60 on: Apr 24, 2009, 06:04 am »

On Topic : You know, now that I think about it, maybe corrupt administrators are the reason why people come to servers. In a way, usually they're the first ones to go on preaching about how great and balanced their servers are, and more or less make themselves look like umber 1337 Sasquatch for the pure reason of raking in money *cough* players.

I think people might secretly enjoy the drama of it all, personally.

Internet Nerdrages and Dramas > Soap Operas on television
That is my point of view, but I really doubt people are doing this just to make drama

I don't think people exhibit "corrupt" behavior for drama, I think that drama may be what attracts people to a server. Some people just need something to complain about, and others like to watch the fireworks.

Back when I played another server, I was corrupt for the drama. It was fun to watch people rage over something so small. You become the most popular person the server, and people like me laugh at it. I wouldn't be corrupt just to gain an advantage in a game.

But I think you're right too. I know I only stayed on aeRO for 3 years because of the drama. It kept me entertained when I was done with PvP.

Lmao, same here, except that the server was SolarRO/LancasterRO(And I was a player, not GM), that server had ALOT of drama, mainly because that server had 2 Guilds that hated eachother and 2 GMs in each of these guilds, sometimes it got waaaaay to much (Ex: if GM of Guild A bans Guildie B for botting then GM A is corrupt for Guild B, but GM B won;t because he needs more "evidence")