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Started by trueheart, Feb 19, 2013, 01:54 AM

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I've have to say first of all, that my favorite server by far is EssenceRO because of the WoE and the main chat and of course. . . the hats. But other than that quick advertisement, I want to say something I've observed not to command people but just to show them--I'll learn how to screen-y my observations later. I was looking all throughout the servers just in mid-rate; one thing someone is bound to notice is the sheer amount of players on whenever one goes to see "who is online".

I am no stranger to Ragnarok; I know that 30%-50% of people are vendors, maybe even more. But to get to the point: what if we worked together? No, seriously. About 300 players in the most popular servers which means probably 100 or less people who actually are active divided up into separate servers. Now, people in my current server, EssenceRO--the best sever ever--say the RO is dying and that people are switching as populations are fading away. I personally believe that RO is and can still be a great game; my idea is to bring all the people into one server, this includes private server people and normal server people. If only I could actually see how many people still play this game, and if other s could to, it would boost RO's excitement. Maybe create an awesome new server with all the people.

Now, please do not get me mistaken, I just miss RO's old days. This is a 15-minute observation through 5 servers. I barely went in to real research.

Additionally my server and other peoples' servers are probably awesome as they are because it's just a group of friends together playing the game they love. New people would be loners.

Anyways, Thanks for reading this (if you actually did). This is just one simple player's observation not backed-up by research just getting crazy-wild ideas out there.

P.S. Feel Free to move this if it is in the wrong section. Sorry.


Different players like different things. Some just want PVP, some want a lot of content custom or not, some want it very close to official, some want it very retro. That's why it'll never work to unite all players on one server.
Not to mention that the staff is usually not perfect.

Especially EssenceRO, which is continuously criticized for its horrible staff as for example here:

I don't see why people should unite there.


Well, I just want more people in my server. Thanks for your insight about how players want different things, I did not even take that into thought. I'm retarded. XD

But yeah, our staff is awful, they will mute people who they find annoying randomly sometimes, but the other people are always helpful and fun. Anyways, maybe some good people should make a server--if possible.
(A good designer, good sprite makers, and people who are available and active at all times should make the ultimate server!)
(If te idea above seems unrealistic, it's probably because I dream too much of a ultimate server.

I really just want to know the population of Ragnarok, how many people still play RO?


The problem isn't making a good server, is more that not everybody have the same taste so, making a server where everybody wants to stay is near impossible.

There are still a ton of players but due to what was explained previously, they're spread around tons of servers.


It's not the first time someone wanna have one server for everbody, but like Triper and Playtester said not everyone is gonna like that ONE server.

My addition to this is when you get one big server, you need more staff to manage and you can only get so much quality staff then you might get some that are corrupt/lazy/abusive it happens all the time and marks the downturn of many great servers.  It's a cycle.


Good luck trying to get all the owners to agree. :D


Quote from: yC on Feb 21, 2013, 07:29 PMIt's not the first time someone wanna have one server for everbody

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I think EssenceRO is one of the worst servers (other than brand new ones with 10 players that die) I have ever played.

Paradox is a horrid admin, most of the people stay in their own guild towns and don't interact aside from main chat, WoE is floundering cause a lot of the big guilds quit and left.

I used to play there often, I was the leader of a full guild, and had billions in zeny.  I dropped it all in town one day and never looked back.


Well then can someone who has played on EssecneRO tell me another server with just as many custom items. A server that also has hat disguises and a stylist (one thing I loved about eRO was that everyone looked different). And can the server include possibly 1k+ players low~mid rate? I just really want the best server for me now that I know that it is impossible to have an ultimate server. Anyways. . . thanks for all the replies--on my first post. You guys are great.

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Quote from: trueheart on Feb 25, 2013, 01:34 AMAnd can the server include possibly 1k+ players low~mid rate?

But Essence doesn't even have that, there are 413 players logged on right now as I type this :P

Very, very few servers have that type of population at all.  I can only think of TalonRO.