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Started by Jasc, Feb 11, 2013, 01:53 AM

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As a long time server owner, player, we begin to see trends in private servers, what people are looking for, what they like, what they don't like.

From my understanding and perspective, and I welcome you all to give feedback to this.

Ragnarok has been around for many many years now and I want to see if people are interested in this conceptual server.

1. Instant 99/70 - no 3rd jobs - Classical Play style
- People hate grinding over and over as they hop servers, servers go down, corruption, etc. This will help players get into it right away.

2. Provide all the items - 100% drop rate
- Again, people hate the grind, the time wasted on hunting items etc, owners feel bad, players get mad, this will get players to a fast start.

3. PVP/WOE/BG - many people play servers and come on specifically for these purposes, so with instant levels, and all items available, everyone is balanced, this will be where skill, usage of items, and team work prevails. How will you build your character? What item switches will you need to give yourself advantage? These will separate the difference of 2 players, not the grind for items.

4. Social place - Without the need to grind for levels/items, this can be seen as a social server where people can play casually, come back anytime without changes. I personally hate when I would have the best gear at that moment of time, I leave the server for 2 months, and there are many new items released that render my end-game build obsolete. In this case, when you come back, you are exactly the same, no changes.

So if we are giving everything free, how does a server run itself financial wise?

Without adding OP donation items that wreck the game, there should be alternatives on how a server can finance itself.

1. Addition of disguise items. Hate the look of a lord knight? Why not make an item that can disguise you as a baby merchant, swordsman etc...

2. Aesthetic disguises - Allow players to use any headgear they want but change the look of it to something that suits their style.

3. Customs auras - another aesthetic value

4. Custom pets - another aesthetic value

5. Usable Items - Recyclable items such as foods, potions, ygg - these are just examples of some usables that COULD be used

Okay, so there must be some rewards, bonuses, for winning woe, battlegrounds, top pvp. Some incentives that make people want to play and hold their castle.

1. Currency

Oh, what can the currency be used for?

To make it fair for players, currency can be used to purchase ALL of the donation items. This establishes a balance for donors and non donors.

Will there be a abundance of donation items with both donors and non-donors able to get those items?

The best way to answer that question is to provide recyclable use. Usable items that disappear will establish the constant cycle of the need to gain currency and donate.

While some things may be non usable such as pets, it is possible to make it a coin to disguise your headgear, or disguise what class you are. How about monthly subscriptions? those can work too. Such as a monthly subscription to obtain simple buffs such as blessing/increase agi from npc, fcp, custom auras. And I specified usable items, such as foods etc. While it can be gained via pvp points, woe treasure, battlegrounds, convenience may be the key to donators to fund the server without upsetting balance of the server.

This is just a conceptually server I had in mind, I would love feedback, criticism, and comments from the community on what they think. Is this something that you want to see? something you want to play? what things will spark the fire in you to play again?


Frankly speaking, that kind of server won't last very long in my opinion...


Quote from: Kiyoshiro on Feb 11, 2013, 02:15 AM
Frankly speaking, that kind of server won't last very long in my opinion...

Can you add to this? why do you think it won't, I am interested in hearing other opinions and feedback


Well, first of all, while players may take great interest in the idea that everything is handed to you on a silver platter, the server's finances will die quickly. Yes, I did read the entire post, but those donation ideas you have in mind will most likely be not enough to maintain the server, should it actually exist. There's not much point in having consumables as donation items since they'll drop on monsters at an 100% rate, and those aesthetics, if they're permanent, will definitely not be enough as once you buy it, you won't ever need to again.

I've had my experiences on a private server on another game where nearly everything was 100% free. That server died out very, very fast.


There is a server like that:
It's just a one-man project and doesn't even have any donations, but it's working fine last time I checked.


What you've in mind is +/- a MOBA RO. You're not the first person that have tried this, I can assure you. Some got some success[while they last], some not but still, the life time is really short because it's hard to do some improvement on those type of servers without a good dev team that do cool adds to keep players playing[this includes some stuff as new WOE maps[players get tired after a while of seeing the same always too], new BG types each XYZ months[not a mandatory thing but makes the server survive more time], PVP/GVG Tournaments[keep them coming every week or 2 weeks with worth to get rewards!!], new PVP events, etc].

Also, it's hard to make donations pay the costs of the server in those type of servers.
You can't really add new chars to game like a MOBA game through donations because it doesn't fit on the RO world.
Donation items would screw the server aside the stuff you said.
Most of the consumables would kill the point of bg for them for PVP/WoE/BG, etc.
In the end it's really hard to make this work for a long period of time without changing a lot the mechanics of the server or the way you get the items/skills to use.

When I talk about items/skills, I'm talking about changing at 100% the way you get them because you've to somehow change it to maintain the server alive and here is where some parts of an ARPG come into the MOBA concept to me that could make a server like this be alive for a big portion of time, for example:

  • Instead of getting heal, blessing, etc on a High Priest, you would get points to invest in gear buffs aka cards on your tree skill. You get a point to invest on -5% neutral dmg[lv 2 would mean more -5% to a max of lv 4 = 5%x4 = raydric card], another point for the anti-freeze, another one for -5% ranged dmg, another for +20 dex, +30 str/-15 DEX, etc[yeah, new skill trees pretty much]
  • Items is what you battle for and for each XYZ battles you get ABC exp and "currency points" to buy the said items.
    Aside consumables, all the other gear should be char locked so people make different chars with different gear and try new builds.
    This also makes server more time alive and provide more fun to people to not see the same char 100% on at bg/pvp/etc
  • Gear is what will have the skills that people are used too but with buffs for the said skills. People will have to choose what they want.
    Want to be OP in 1 skill? Want to be just decent overall?[The good thing in this is that some skills that aren't used will be now used! The bad part is that some of the changes may not make some people join the server due to more customisation[people getting owned by frost diver won't be fun for some :\]]
    You can even add, instead or as an extra for cheaper price to people buy in bulk and see their luck, box of Gear X with random stats like OBBs/OPBs/Gift Boxs. Make the gear tradable/storable and promote trades since there is no currency around except items because the points you get from BG/WoE/PvP are just to buy items. It's all about personal preferences.
  • You start at 99 by default, no problem with stats but I dunno if stat resets should be available, at max they should be bought with some high number of "currency points"
  • Choose your class, job 1 = bonus stats of job 70 added in.
  • Each month[or 2 weeks] you need to add a new item to people grind at bg/pvp/woe for it or to buy it in the donation shop[item not possible to be traded/sold/etc, epic 100% account lock so that some people pay for the upkeep of the server but don't forget to set a limit of the number of items available and 1 for each player so that there is some balance on this even if not thaaaaat much] for each class or for overall usage.
    After the time frame is off, add them for a higher cost of "currency points" as an item from previous promotion so that new people can get them too[you can even do an npc for this]. You can maybe even add a skill, on this new skill tree made from zero, that will reduce the price of this items after they are off their normal time so people can have the same chance as the others.
    The bad thing on this is that they needed to be made previously in advance and you need a somewhat big list for this so that the server lasts at least for a big time.
  • Donations are mostly pets, aura changes, sprite changes, animation changes, etc. It's pretty much what you said.
  • Etc

Still the same game, different approach but still the same RO fun to play and probably up2date to what we've now around.

Now there is just one major question left - Would this be worth to be done? I doubt it and mostly due to the major time needed to make it available but for sure this would take RO into a different step and make it last a lot if people take interest on it.


It's obvious now that the majority of RO players who play private servers play the game merely casually. The top servers, in terms of population, are the ones that have little to none in the WoE/BG scene. TalonRO, a server that certainly doesn't cater to the WoE playerbase, is one of the top private RO servers still existing. WoE focused servers never last longer than a few months, people eventually get bored and move on to other similar servers, or completely different games.

If you want to create a server to last, you have to focus on the casual side of RO: questing, PvM, storylines, events, etc. Also, I think building a tight-knit community plays an important role in maintaining a successful server, players who have lost interest in most aspects of the game will still stay on to keep in touch with the connections they've made throughout their time on the server. I'm suspecting these sort of players make a significant amount of the RO population today; in many servers I've played on, a good chunk of the population is just sitting in towns chatting.

There's really no lasting future for WoE oriented servers in 2013.


PVP MOBA-style is basically casual as well, though.


Thanks for some excellent feedback everyone!


I can see a system created called an "Imbue System" Basically like you said, these are special buffs/stats that addition to your current build. Lots of game use Gem Systems etc to get boosts, so this would be no different. Perhaps each player will have a maximum of 3 buffs active. The items will be account bound like you said, makes sense. Interesting concept


as for players who loves FIGHTING  /no1  /gg and i'm one of them  /heh i will not donate something like that in the lists, since all my items i want is easy to get by killing mobs. I will just hunt it then go to pvp or pk maps then KILL ALL WHO I SEE THERE  /kis

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I don't think a server like this would last quickly.

Players could get everything they need in under a day which leaves only PVP / WOE left.

You gotta realize that MVPing, leveling, etc is more than half the game, and you're just cutting that out and leaving people with less to do.

You can kill every MVP once with a 100% drop rate, and you have no need to ever kill them again really.


Quote from: Star Platinum on Feb 13, 2013, 08:39 PM
I don't think a server like this would last quickly.

Players could get everything they need in under a day which leaves only PVP / WOE left.

You gotta realize that MVPing, leveling, etc is more than half the game, and you're just cutting that out and leaving people with less to do.

You can kill every MVP once with a 100% drop rate, and you have no need to ever kill them again really.

As a player, are there alternative motives to kill monsters rather than hunting for items/leveling?

Would questing be a big motive? quest for more powerful iRO items like kaho, etc, Main currency (coin) dropped by MVPS