Cheating review in rms

Started by montesau, Apr 23, 2011, 05:55 AM

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when i was view most of review in rms more of voter was fresh create account like within this days,week,or month. like 04-23,2011 and making review from range less than a month for one server. but not just that one account most account review was same date of of creation fishy isnt should they be add to hall of shame.

and one thing is their a way to know which area hall of shame was so we can find better server maker thx


Server in question won't be delisted unless you have proof.
Hall of Shame is different, it's not official like the TOS:


thx but actually its not de list just if its alowed multi voting since you can new register vote to get to server on goal nvm thx for link info hehe ;D


I have a hard time understanding your posts..

no you can't make multiple accounts under the same IP adress, and it's not allowed to make multiple accounts.. if you are caught, you will have your voting power revoked.