can't register or go on forums Oo"

Started by GarudaNitro, Feb 06, 2008, 08:48 AM

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for some reason i can't click the register button or go on the forums for LennethRO.
since i couldn't contact anyone i decided to try here. Is it just me or is everyone having this problem becuz i really wanna try this server. I get a DB error...watever that means. If anyone is able to get on the forums, can someone PM a GM to email me or something.

P.S. i really dont know where this topic would fall under.

Ansuz Isaz

I just tried it. DB error was found when I tried to register as well, and there's an IPS Driver error on their forums. Thus, I'm going to assume the problem is on the server's side. o.o Just wait a few days. Chances are, the owner of the server will take care of it by then.