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Author Topic: Base Level Over 250; What's The Point?  (Read 27471 times)

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Re: Base Level Over 250; What's The Point?
« Reply #105 on: Feb 18, 2011, 06:18 pm »
I think 250(255) servers with 70 job level are the MOST balanced when it comes to pvp and woe. Any class can kill any other (except soul linker maybe but this class was never meant for pvp )

Yes, there's a bit different gameplay due the fact that anti stun and instant cast are available without food etc. But there's no clear advantage for any class. Super novice killing sinx isn't the rarest thing to see :)
Of course some status cards aren't as useful as they are on 99 but still there's a skill and stat builds and they make huge difference.

As for MVP - well 255 level just brings the things to where they was before that insane power up and earthquakes and other mass wipe skills.
Low tier mvps are really easy to kill (it's not hard to solo eddga, garm, phreeoni, gopinich, gtb on 99 too), but  high level mvps still are high level. and can kill you before you can count to two. Before that Veins update typical mvp party was 3-5 people. it's still the same on 255, And it's impossible to solo ET or sealed shrine. In fact while it's possible to solo bio3 mvp (good luck to try this with high wiz mvp though :D), it's still real pain in the @ss and nobody can level there solo. So 200-255 levels still require parties to do the stuff. It's easier but just a bit. And it's more fun.
as for job levels - 70 is fine, 90 is ok too but it can give some classes a kind of advantage. 120 -  too much as it's eliminates skill builds, only good thing is higher weapon refine chances :)

But everything i said before only applies to servers without or with cosmetic customs,  +over 9000 stat wings and hats, lower headgear slots just break the game completely.
500+ levels aren't much of a fun at all, what's the point of pvm when only way to get killed is afking in thor, bio3 or to punch mvp with coma skill without bathory card. Same for PVP - wizards are almost useless, snipers too, rest spam yggs as hell because they can carry more than 500 of them.

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