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Started by sheena, Apr 13, 2013, 12:19 PM

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No, not a novice only or baby class RO server but those LR popping out like mushrooms to compete with the existing demand. We all know some players are coming back to experience that classic RO feel because most servers are either too customize or dying before the year. Oh, how many times did you read that 'FOREVER BECAUSE WE WILL NEVER CLOSE' then bam! 404 page.

Now some servers have made babies to help reach the players that did not want to go through the midrates and customization. Like IntenseRO and DivinityRO. Both are parents of a baby server. While IntenseRO LR is starting to be a ghost town. DivinityRO is making EverOdd RO within the year. We know of the brouhahaha he made to some RO players and how scandalous screenshots of the GM handing out items to new players. What usually differs is mainly their feature and the player base itself. Some would debate on the ff:

  • stat reset
    skill reset
    custom quest
    vended items (like Grape Juice)
    job changer
    trans class (and I never though there would be any server to compete with StandardRO)
    ... and the list goes on
Although, its a good thing that it tries to keep RO alive. But clones on after the other does offer some players and guilds a choice where they want to settle. Either hop to another one in less than a year or stay for as long as you want. Some argue that it divides their current player base but a choice is always better. I played IntenseRO and they even had that 'we are doing a closed beta testing because we don't want 300 people playing on the same time... etc' but the population did not match what they projected. It even went the other way around since some servers are popping up with nearly clones of the other with either a yes/no over the likes and dislikes of some players stated above. These two servers are not the only ones popping up because others have the right to manage RO in their own way. As someone who tries to go back to the time where bot, hacks, and too much customs was never a problem. It can be confusing. One upcoming server has a track record of longevity but is susceptible to corruption. Others are just shining in a blue moon. Hanging on the rope whether they can pay it enough. I'm sure they have a budget but you need real funding for it.
The image in the avatar is from RivalRO and I am open to server(s) that meets my needs without any stupid player package