Auditing "GM-Debbie"

Started by El Cid, Apr 06, 2007, 07:24 AM

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El Cid

For those of you who don't know me, I'm one of yC's buddies in forgery (weapons not crime).  I'm also an auditor by night being the serious accounting student that I am.  Well I'm not done yet but so far "Debbie" isn't quite dead.

Let's go back to a post a long time ago by "Debbie":


QuoteWe are now accepting donations by mail! You can send cash, check or money order to:

Kitty Williams
1650 Research Blvd.
Rockville, MD 20850-3195

When donating, please include a note with your character name, and what rewards you would like. Also, if you are requesting a name or sex change, you must include your username and password too for verification purposes.

After we receive your donation, we will give you the requested items as soon as possible, usually within 12 hours, either by trading them to you in game, or by logging into your account and leaving the items there if you are not logged in. Please note that we are not responsible for donations lost in the mail; if you send cash, you should wrap it in an extra piece of paper so that the envelope doesn't obviously contain cash.

See for a list of what you get for donating. Thanks!

Ok, Kitty Williams and 1650 Research Blvd.  This is a corporate research building (housing many data research centers).  Now the first connection I find could either be a relation or husband:

Trevor Williams, Kitty Williams, David Kastberg, Leslie Jocelyn

Now to set a connection in stone that this is 99.999% the same person, view this:

QuoteTrevor Williams
1650 Research Boulevard
Rockville, MD 20850-3129

A familiar connection to say the least.  So, the first question I pose is why would "Debbie" have people send donations to this company?  More specifically to Kitty Williams?

Just to set things in stone.  This is how I know they work for the same company and are the same people:

They wrote "Achievement and affect in OECD nations", an article in part of the review.

Well I've searched the registry for death records and its archives give no indication of any Kitty Williams dying.


That is all I'll leave you with tonight.  I'll do more research on GM-Debbie and maybe even contact Kitty Williams in person.  Gotta love being in the information age.


Westat in Rockville?  I've been to that building.  I know precisely where it is.

El Cid

4:40 AM I made the connection.  It's purely logical.

Consider this, Kitty Williams and Trevor Williams work in a corporate building which houses multiple data marketing research businesses.  These businesses collect data through surveys and interviews. 

And here is the key to the riddle.  Why would GM-Debbie tell people to send mail donations to Kitty Williams?  "Debbie" has a massive donation system on her website where you can fill out free offers, trial offers, and paid offers.  I have never found another website that has this sort of donation system.  So we can ask, why does Debbie have this available to her.  Simply put, Debbie has a connection with the research building in Rockville and essentially is providing a venue for data collection.  I assume she is one of the 3,500 employees of Westat.

Now this is where the problem lies.  Let's assume "Debbie" worked for this company and she died.  As a researcher, she is providing hundreds of surveys to a company that organizes them to sell as market research.  The surveys are for the most part fault and have an extremely high ratio of error. 

Now when she died, why would the new leader of Anima even be able to work with the research company without some collaboration? 

If you don't understand the problem I'm proposing, it can be summarized as this: GM-Debbie created a unique donation system where she has access to multiple ways of labor (by earning her money through donations and by taking surveys which she somehow transfers to the research company Westat).  So why is it that after her death, the new owner of the server has complete control over these processes?  I'm looking more into this but add more as you see fit as long as you have links to back it up.

Posted on: April 06, 2007, 09:15:13 AM
Quote from: Caprion on Apr 06, 2007, 08:05 AM
Westat in Rockville?  I've been to that building.  I know precisely where it is.

Hmm...that's interesting, it is a huge data research building correct?


It's actually several buildings, each with it's own address, if I recall correctly.  I haven't been there in a few years, it's quite large.

El Cid

Right, it is a complex, probably just a land zoned as industrial development.


Cute little research, but moot in the long run. 'Debbie' is dead, whether Pmak or Kitty Williams, or any alter egos are in fact dead, too.

Also, a few servers and TONS of webpages have been doing "Sign up for offers and we'll give you like 10% of what the companies pay us for referring you websites"


animaro takes advantage of idiots, just like any business.

from what i see, the players are willing participants to whatever (fraudulent) activities that goes on on that server.


I never believed the "death" and I never will.  I will always see it as some type of running from something... what that something is... I am not sure.    Could be a number of things, but I'm really to tired to give insight on other possibilitys.

For all we know "Kitty Williams" could be a thefted identity by Philip Mac.



Kitty Williams is Debbies mother you idiots


There's still yet to be any legal documented proof that that is indeed a reality.


Frankly, i find it worrying that you people have nothing better to do that stalk people over the internet

Let alone the deceased

My Grandfather died a few weeks ago, are you going to scour the internet for proof of that? There isn't any, you know why? Because its a fact

Get on with your lives, and leave these poor people alone, its disgusting.


"Kitty Williams is Debbies mother you idiots"

lol I bet you people feel stupid now! rofl, that screenie is pure win. I guess philly really is dead.


and we all cry.
but I laugh. ha ha ha
Nobody gives a damn anymore I guess.
we just hope he stays in the grave before he returns and accusing / rips off other people AGAIN.

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