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Are there any RO servers that have gone in a completely different direction?

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Just a curious question.  Lots of servers have in depth customizations, some will even have custom classes and such.  But have any servers taken the game and gone in a completely different direction with it?  Like changing the fundamentals of the game, changing the open world structure, etc.

I once heard of a server that had Star Wars related content and classes, and a dark / light side mechanic.  And one with some interesting features, like setting mobs to the player's level dynamically.

MouRO definitely fits into that category with their automatically adjustment monster densities and difficulties as well the ability to swap many things around at any given time is quite unconventional for an RO server.

More information here: https://web.archive.org/web/20100418112422/http://www.mou-ro.net/about

PokemonRO is doing something cool, they have a PVM system that replaces conventional PVE with 240+ pokemons, 160+ more coming soon.

Events are even pokemon themed. Their latest project/addition is Pokemon PVP (you become the pokemon) and it is looking totally cool; they plan on expanding this system to more events and even maybe even WOE. Also their casino system is so addictive, pokestadium gets the whole server rowdy every single time.
It is definitely worth a stop to check out if you're interested in new content.

Website: Pokemonro.com


--- Quote from: Insomnia2000 on Jun 29, 2021, 08:46 pm ---MouRO definitely fits into that category...

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Woah this takes me back  /omg I remember MouRo, it was original for sure.

On heRO we have lots of unique areas (towns, dungeons, fields, mobs) with their accompanying world maps, it's new content, but that's still within the feeling of RO. I wouldn't say it's in a different direction.

I saw someone on facebook working on RO in VR, seemed really cool.

Many years ago I remember seeing porn/hentai themed RO, but basically the only difference was naked sprites.  /heh

I suppose if someone wants to make their own game, they could use the shell of a RO server and make their own maps, class, mobs, but might as well make the game itself while at it so as not to be constrained.


--- Quote from: Pandora on Jun 30, 2021, 06:35 pm ---Many years ago I remember seeing porn/hentai themed RO, but basically the only difference was naked sprites.  /heh

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Fun story, I was once on a server and a person posted for help asking why one of the NPCs was nearly naked. It turns out they had played on a hentai server, and then used that GRF and data folder for the next server they played on.  They were embarrassed.


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