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Author Topic: Are there any RO servers that have gone in a completely different direction?  (Read 13938 times)

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Offline plarr

it is an interesting idea, but i mean, no one is moving to take out the characters, plus some maps require different stats than just agi and str


Offline JulianD

Hello there community member,

It is nice to see there are people interested in different ways of playing Ragnarok Online.

I am actually developing a server that is exactly going in a total opposite direction, it is still in development and I still require a lot of work to make it happen, but I have worked on it on a daily basis for a long time now, and these are the changes that I have made so far:

RO: The Forgotten Realms v2.1
##### Stats and Leveling Features #####

*Stats up to Lv. 300: Every dungeon has a level requirement and a maximum level to enter the dungeons, which means if you are stronger than the maximum level allowed for a particular dungeon, you wouldn't be able to access to it.
*Experience Tables Upgraded (Characters, Homunculus and Guild) and Job Bonus Tables Upgraded: All of the original values have been changed to fit the new game experience.
*Hit, Flee, Def and Mdef Formulas Upgraded: Now those stats scale a lot more with the players and monsters level, it means that it would be actually harder to visit places where monsters are way higher level than you. On other hand, this is part of the new progression system that I have planned for the server, which includes an adventure throughout all and every single corner of Rune Midgard and New Worlds. All monsters from all dungeons and fields have a different progression now, I have changed every monster stats and I completely rebalanced the game to a whole different experience.
*Drop rates rebalanced: Since you cannot access to particular locations depending on your level, drop rates have been rebalanced so that you can get most of the items that you need from each dungeon, including cards and equipment, which are dropped at a higher rate, including bosses.
*Exp and drop rate adjustments were rebalanced too, so that you get the most experience and the higher drop rates when you are 15 levels below the monster you are killing, and it starts *slowly* decreasing for each level difference until being 15 levels above the monsters.
*MVPs rebalanced: All MVPs and bosses are balanced to their dungeon level, for example, Drake is the first MVP from the whole story, he is a level 10-20 MVP with stats balanced to those particular levels. If you are stronger than the maximum level allowed to enter the dungeon, you cannot go and kill him, but if you kill him when you are on the same levels, you will be able to get all of his loot and experience. Moonlight Flower for example is the level 40-50 MVP, and her stats are also balanced so that you can go and kill her with a strong level 40-50 party/group.
*All player classes have been rebalanced but they keep the original skill trees while improving their full battle potential.
*Baby and non-rebirth classes removed.

##### Battle Features #####
*Skills Don't Have any Restrictions for Normal, PvP or WoE maps. (So they all can be used on a PvE and PvM basis), including Active Guild Skills and other PVP skills that were not allowed in normal maps. There are many skills that were not useful because you were not able to use them on regular maps, but this new game experience that I am designing is intended mainly for party or group leveling and playing against monsters, not PVP. (Although WoEs and regular PVP are still active). There are also many skills that you were not able to use on WoE maps, but I have removed all of the restrictions so that every class can perform to its maximum potential.
*All buff skills *for all classes* have increased duration. (For example, Bless and Agi last one hour for skill level 10)
*Attributes Damage Table Upgraded: Selecting the correct element to kill certain monsters is gonna be necessary, but there are also some affinities and extra damage dealt according to the element used.
*Homunculus and Homunculus S Upgraded: Rebalanced stats to fit the new game experience.
*Sorcerer's Elementals Range Increased: They originally have a close combat range, but that meant they were easily killed when fighting though monsters or MVPs, so I changed they range to a mid-range so they can be at least a bit safer and still providing a combat aid.

##### Items and Equipment Features #####
*Refine System Upgraded: Since the weapons and armors have been rebalanced to fit the new game experience, I designed a whole different refining system, which includes refining Level 1 to Level 6 Weapons (original was Level 4 Weapons max), but now equipment has also a Refining Level, for example, Level 1 to Level 6 Armors and Level 1 to Level 6 Shields. This system is a whole new experience as well.
*Improved Blacksmith's Finding Ore: I thought original rates are so lame, in my whole 12+ experience playing RO, I don't remember receiving ores from killing monsters when playing a Blacksmith at all. Now with the new rates and new items to be dropped, it also balances the new refining system and items required to upgrade.
*Restrictions for Equipment removed for all maps. (If an item can be equipped, it can be anywhere)

##### Map Features #####
*Towns now have a level requirement to prevent skipping each place. There is a lineal progression to the story.
*Fields don't have any level requirement, MVPs and monsters that appear on fields can be killed at any time by anyone.
*Dungeons DO have a level requirement, MVPS and monsters that appear inside of dungeons can only be killed when you meet the level requirement to visit each dungeon.
*Added Mapflags and Warps + Renewal: I have removed all of the warps which go to inner buildings, because of the new story progression, Rune Midgard becomes The Forgotten Realms, a place where humans have lost control of cities and monsters have become overwhelming to regular town living.
*All NPCs removed: Besides the features listed below, I have removed all of the regular NPCs, now Tool Dealers, Armor Dealers, Weapon Dealers and other type of store dealers are outside of buildings and all of the items have been rebalanced to fit the new monster experience.

##### Standard Ragnarok Online Features #####
These are the only features that I have kept from the original Ragnarok Online:
*Added Global Functions
*Added Cash Shop Functions
*Added Airships + RE
*Added Battleground + RE
*Added Arunafeltz and Swarzvalt Events
*Added 4 Instances (Sealed Shrine, Endless Tower, Orcs Memory, Nydhogg's Nest) + 24 Renewal Instances
*Added Kafras and Cool Event Staff
*Added Other Functions (Hugel Bingo, Comodo Gambling, Marriage/Divorce, Mercenary Rent, Mail)

##### Other Features #####
There might be multiple other things that I missed on this post, but I will have a database wiki to look for all of the major changes and every specific feature that will be on the server.

I still don't have a release date because this is actually something that I started doing just to play it myself and using openkore party members, but if more people is interested on this project, I might make it official for everyone to play as well.

Best regards,

Offline BaphometRag

How did u calculate new formulas for HIT FLEE DEF MDEF

Offline Breakfast

I played on a single-dev experimental server a long time ago.

Basically you wouldn't gain exp/jexp from monster kills and instead you'd get zeny. And lose zeny when you die.
You'd have to buy a consumable from the shop to gain job levels for skill points. But for base exp you had to sit down, the zeny would start to drain and convert to base exp. Hitting ~2b zeny took like 1-2hours to convert and you'd just sit in town to level up.

If you died too much you'd go into negative zeny and would have to sit still until you burned off that penalty too /heh

Offline michaelsoftman

I played on a single-dev experimental server a long time ago.

Basically you wouldn't gain exp/jexp from monster kills and instead you'd get zeny. And lose zeny when you die.
You'd have to buy a consumable from the shop to gain job levels for skill points. But for base exp you had to sit down, the zeny would start to drain and convert to base exp. Hitting ~2b zeny took like 1-2hours to convert and you'd just sit in town to level up.

If you died too much you'd go into negative zeny and would have to sit still until you burned off that penalty too /heh

The zeny for level ups and job lvl ups reminds me of old time Gameboy RPGs!  But sitting to level is kinda extreme.

Offline Mammouth

hi, acctualy i play on DaRO a server with so much custom and I think it has its place on the topic
I want to apologize for my approximate English, thank you google trad / sob

We have the possibility of creating builds crazier than the others, thanks to a system of "Kugan / spé" which allows us to specialize our character, there are around 80 of them, and you have the possibility of taking 2 spec, I let you calculate the number of possibilities ... (15job * 80spé * 80spé =?) /hmm

I met:
- Gunslinger Matk / int aspd with autospell and blitzebeat hawk
- Priest able to make any target undead in order to turn undead
- Soul linker full support with status recovry and weapon endow
- Triple atk sniper, hawk
- Paladin holy cross who heal areas around them according to the damage of their holy cross,
- Assassin specializing in DoT ( poison / bleeding + addition of new dowry (burning, toxin, etc.))
- WS which creates automatic turret (tower defense x))
- HW able to cast deluges for their water ball
- Stalker combo trile atk => chain combo => combo finish=> azura with a bow
- everyone has different builds, a mix between Path of exil and RO :)

We have the impression that the game will become casu / easy, but it is not ^^ ', They created / added the "Midgard North" which is as big as the current map.
The new map is full of very strong mobs that are difficult to do solo (except with a well-adapted build) and new instances (more than 10)
All the instances already known have a nigthmare mode (I went to Payon cave: here are some examples: Familiar who dark blessing + charge atk, Soldier skeleton  cloak and continues to hit u with cloak on, skeleton archer who pushes back the frontal job with charge arrow, a supercharged moonlight, dokebi  hammer fall, horong which cast meteor storm. just a little exemple ..

There are plenty of other unpublished content on DaRO, but it's up to you to discover them via their very complete wiki, their server is in the BETA open phase at high rate in order to find bugs and test the builds.
I invite you to come and take a look because they have done a monstrous job.
The GM are very attentive to the community, so if you have the urge to polish your jewelry, do not hesitate to join us to share your opinions on different sensitive subject.

Can't wait to see you among us :)



Here is a statement from another player about the server, if you want more information =), However its analysis is more necessarily up to date, many of its feedback has been taken into account by the GM and modify: https://forum.ratemyserver.net/server-reviews/mystic-project-5-daro-a-very-slow-very-rough-diamond-in-the-making/

ps: The gameplay remains the same, your knowledge of RO will be very useful to better understand the beast and create powerful builds.
If you are new to RO do not worry, the commu de ro is always available to share their knowledge acquired over more than 10 years :)
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