Anything new with private RO?

Started by Bue, Jan 01, 2013, 09:08 AM

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Just browsing the forums and wondering if anything exciting has happen in the realm of private servers; you know, interesting server modifications, features, and dramas.

And if...
Any server admins or developers got any ideas to share or problems to solve?
Any decent servers worth playing on?
Any start-up servers looking for some help?

Haven't been catching up since yC ban me for promoting under-boobs and among other endeavors.


Nothing too exciting.  Pokemon isn't new, king poring isn't new, oboro/kagerou is far from complete, RO 2 is still in the 'trying' stage and only available in Asia.  Check the rant section if you want slight drama.

1. recruitment section
2. rms website / forum ad section / forum review section
3. recruitment section

Let see how long you stay good this time.


Quote from: yC on Jan 02, 2013, 08:08 PM
Let see how long you stay good this time.

> > Anything for you yC.

And are you planning on hosting another tournament?