Started by philanthropy, Jul 10, 2012, 11:21 AM

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what guarantee do we have that you won't abandon us again without any warning or reason like you did several months ago?

also practically the first day i was playing there you outed and removed your own GM for abusing GM powers spawning MvPs for her friends. what steps will you take to make sure this also doesn't happen again?


Will you bring this topic in front of the AluzeRO staff?

If they don't know there is a question here for them they will not be able to answer.  I mean wouldn't this be more appropriate in their forum?

I don't know if anyone on here plays the server before or now.


This topic doesn't fit here. You should query your concerns on their own forum.

Unless there's some reason you don't want to bring it up over there?


I admit and i am truly sorry for closing the server without any warning.
A private reason "nothing to do with losing interest, financial issue or server issues" left me no choice to close the server.
I guarantee now that we will leave a message before we will close the server.

Theres nothing much you can do about gm's abusing their power as she had already very limited gm powers from the beginning.
I was monitoring her from the start and i could pinpoint the abuse very quick and remove all the damage she had done.

Atleast now i learned from my mistake and choose my gm more cautious by not giving them limited gm powers so early.
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