AdamantRO. This is what happened to me (first time in 20 years of RO)

Started by Zantetsukensan, Jan 09, 2024, 02:42 PM

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I have decided to bring my case with this server to public, because it made me and all my guild (and even players not from my guild) really-really upset.
I have not been a hardcore private server player for last 4-5 years, so i could miss modern trends in RO-community. What i actually want to get from this post is feedback from exactly that RO-community, so please, be my judge.

Story should start with a background:
AdamantRo for me became a clear escape from reality. When some servers ban RU-players, based on stereotypical ideas, there are a lot of people, who actually suffer inside from all the situation that is happening around.
So we joined this server as a group of friends, to get that nostalgia feeling and to get some rest from reality.
We had to put a lot of work into catching up with other players at the server, and many old guys actually helped and supported newcomers, like us, a lot.

GM Solider seemed to me like an adequate and intelligible person, and other GM and Server Staff didn't show anything, i could even discuss them for.
It was a nice place for everybody, to spend their time.

Server population was around 100-150 players, so it was pretty balanced in terms of players dencity on each map and MVP hunts. Perfect. for our PVE experience and "lets try to kill those new MVP-s we never ever saw before"

Until one day - i managed to encounter some privileged players at abbey03.
They were a part of the group, that played since the server beginning, so i understand, that their opinion could be taken into account more often, than opinion of others.

Here's what actually happened:
They didn't like, that my ME Priest is not always killing Necromancers at Abbey03 and sometimes they teleport away or just walk out of ME range
To all, who played ME build even once, i should not be telling, that usually noone is waiting for whole animation/dmg procs, you just wing through area and cast as many ME-s as you can. With Giant Party-wing with bragi it becomes even more effective.  For those, who never played it - this is a shot vid, showing the actual mechanic of ME + wing out from another server we played long ago

So, we were levelling another of our guildmates, when suddenly GM Permetr showed in PM and ordered us to stop.
You should kill mobs fully and tank them, until they die.
This requirement would make the whole build useless, uneffective imo (and all the time spent in gearing a character too)
I told him, that it is impossible to perfom, and while we were chatting, he started frequently @killall mobs on the floor for his friends, seems they asked him to reset hp of all mobs as soon, as possible, because they wanted to farm faster with their Paladins. When mobs started respawning under our party, we started tp-ing away  in order not to die, but skilled GM thought, that we are not listening to his orders and keep on farm, so he charged us with disobedience and sent me to jail for few days.

Some servers have patch: when you tp out, ME disappears (usully you will not gearing ME there, when you read custom changes tab)

Some servers try to find a win-win solution for players, like: cmon, friends, there are 100-150 of us, just divide the time. Let one play for 30-60 mins (usually it is enough to go from 75 to 99) and enjoy the ride.
But here, for the first time in all my RO-play experince, i got jailed. For playing ME priest in Abbey. No server rules forbid that.

I decided to wait for 4-5 days, to see, what measures will be taken. My team and some other random server-players actually supported the idea, that those actions do not violate any rules. And i am absolutely honest: i had no bad intent in my actions.  I thought, that we are all 30+ years people and we can come to a discussion, that ends up friendly with things like: cmon, let's just all play our favourite game, we can all find our time at the Abbey and next patch(if it is so needed) - GM's can change some things for a better quality of life.
Alas, the outcome was still: no, you may not play your ME, because those privileged players need their Necros to be full hp.
I can understand their position, but it is an MMO game, where sometimes competion is what you have to live and play with.
So i had to leave, unwilling to put up with being treated liek a dog.
And if it was done once, it will be done twice, am sure of it.

I donated to this server and supported it with advertising (just to make it clear, i do not expect and don't need any special treatment for that ever), i invited players to try playing at AdamantRo. Now feel sorry for that. And for those hardcore 2 months of play that few enthusiasts put into creating smth positive and rewarding.

Tried my best, to make this review not one-sided, but i am really upset with everything, that happened, because we were expecting to play here more.
Server staff decided not to listen to me at their place, so i will try to share this review at independent platform.

2community: always respect yourself and never agree with unfairness.
And if i am the one, who's wrong - would appreciate feedback!

2 Solider: you and part of your team do their best, put a lot of work, to make a fine RO experience.
It is okay, when sometimes someone makes mistakes (yeah, maybe i am wrong and whole RO community will blame me in this thread later - could happen)
But there are 2 points, i want to highlight:
1. With great Power comes great responsibility.
2. Was there REALLY no other way to make it win-win for everybody, to settle the case?
Was it really nessesary for your sidekick to comfort some privileged asses?

Some screens are attached just to tell the whole story


it is what it is, the GMs friends are effectively GMs as well...


Every server had own rules they aware you to stop... Perhaps you should follow GM advice, just do not burnout from this event even if you feel somehow betrayed.

Btw totally agree with you that discussion bring only good things. /ho
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Hello! Solider here.

I run the server being discussed, and here's the context associated.

Regarding the issue of ME'ing and TPing away, the community had previously decided that leaving mobs half-dead all over the map was toxic behavior. This had occurred previously in maps that were NOT Abbey, including at Anubises, Mavkas, etc. There were actually ongoing discussions on what to do the next time it occurred. Anyone is welcome to see these prior discussions - I encourage discussions and feedback on my server, and it's all recorded on the Discord.
It had nothing to do with who requested the GM intervention, etc.

As a matter of fairness, I don't side with particular people or guilds. I don't delete comments - people are allowed to have their opinion, and people are allowed to say what they want as long as the comments don't become personal.

Since this happened, we are actually implementing arealoot on certain high-traffic maps to ensure that this doesn't become an issue again.

I've previously responded to the thread starter before with the reasons for his temporary jail - he can disagree with those reasons if he wants.
(Permeter jailed him, but gave him the option to be unjailed after a few hours, provided he stopped the behavior that he was initially jailed for.)

He chose to not be unjailed/wasn't online to be unjailed.


Since you just wanted a neutral opinion, here's my take on it:

First of all, I will say it does not matter at all whether a rule makes a build useless or not. This is kinda akin to saying you should be allowed to rob a bank because your job doesn't pay enough to survive. So I will ignore this part of the argument.

On the topic: Should you be warned/banned for the behavior? Well, it depends if there's actually a rule on it written out. If there is such a rule, then definitely. The server owner/staff defines the rules and you agree to them by joining the server. So a warning in this case is adequate. If there's no such a rule at all and the GM just did it because it annoyed their friends, even though it's not against the rules, then I think it's kinda scummy.

Do I think it is a good rule? I personally think that competition is part of the game. So if I had a server, things that make it harder for other players would not really be against the rules. I personally think that this actually balances out maps. If a map is too good then many people go there, but since those people annoy each other, it makes other maps more attractive again, so it's some kind of auto-balance mechanism. So I don't really like rules like this myself (I'd still follow them if they are listed somewhere).

Also I want to note that in this particular case it's clearly not toxic behavior. The priest does not leave the monsters at half health to intentionally annoy other players. I think something can only be toxic when it has a bad intent.

Final thought: Using @killmonster (I hope it was @killmonster2 - without drops) on a live server seems a bit like a "nono" to me as this could give players an unfair advantage. Even if another player disturbed them, I don't think something like this should be done. Would probably make me less likely to want to play on a server if I know GMs would do this for their friends.

Best way to handle this in my opinion would be:

Assuming it's actually against the rules:
1. Make sure the rules are written out and clear on the topic.
2. Warn the player that this behavior is against the rules.
3. If they continue anyway, jail the player.
4. Don't do anything else.

Assuming it's currently not against the rules:
1. Don't do anything to any player (no warning, no helping).
2. Discuss with the staff and community about adding such a rule.
3. Make a decision and add the rule (or not) and announce it to everybody so nobody misses it.


It's funny how you are trying to justify yourself that what you did wasn't wrong. "The game let me do it and it's not listed in the rule, so I'm not wrong." This sounds like you're saying that a Wiz can use Ice wall to disrupt other people and you expect people to be okay with it since the game allows you to do it.

From what I see what you did was
- Leaving monsters below half health, this makes other people unable to get @autoloot items. [Griefing]
- Arguing to GM despite him telling you to stop doing it. [This is what I feel that you should have not done]
- Telling everyone that you got banned just because you play ME Priest.
- Ego your pride and not saying sorry to get your char unjailed.

What you did was (kinda) okay if there are no other people in the map. Personally I would have stopped if what I do cause problems to other players. What you could have done was, apologize and move on since the GM promised to make the map area-loot.

P.S. IDK why you think GMs would favor some other players over you. iirc Solider removed the Poring npc sound for you immediately once you suggested over other "more important" feedback. /hmm


Quote from: Zantetsukensan on Jan 09, 2024, 02:42 PMThis requirement would make the whole build useless, uneffective imo (and all the time spent in gearing a character too)

I don't play in AdamantRO this is just an outsider's perspective.

I'm really failing to understand how this would make ME priest useless, you said you had a party, right? abbey is party content, wheres your tank? where's the cc wizard? the full support priest to heal the tank? what are they doing? If anything I think the server is doing the right thing, not only would I not be able to get loot from autoloot properly but I would receive less exp because somebody didn't do their job properly and that is VERY annoying to say the least.

Reading this is so absurd to me, that same rule prohibits wizards from doing the same with their aoe skills in their respective element's area. This is like saying building a storm gust wizard is useless because you can't cast storm gust in magma 2 or thor and teleport around. This is barely a play style, it's just a lazy/braindead/lame way to level


In my opinion, without being an active player on that server, I think you are 100% right.

The GM's stance is totally unacceptable and shows the corruption and benefits to friendships that are given in certain servers.

Thank you very much for sharing your story with the community, I'm sure you will save time, effort and bad moments to people who could have considered this server as an option.

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Yeah i realized that as they years passes and new servers/GMs pops up less and less they understand about their own game and go for the "My way or the high way" stance.

after a long break I'm still jumping from server to server trying to find one that understand about balance, favoritism and do not discriminate people for language, nationality or even the class you play with and this last one believe or not happens a lot.


I have been on plenty of servers that have that rule, its not just for ME but effect all classes, it would happen a lot on for example magma floor 2. A lot of parties tries to party there but someone is hunting Deleters so they use water endow, this would cause Nightmare Terror to only take 50% meaning they would be left alive. its more common than you think.
Now to be jailed for it is super weird and excessive especially for a first time, that is what Mutes are for.