[RO Project] MIDI City Ragnarok Online

Started by Cyan Hijirikawa, Sep 07, 2016, 03:11 PM

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Cyan Hijirikawa

This might be a little late on the uptake here, but me and my team have started on this project for almost two months now, and is progressing really well.

More info about the project: Read here or here

The server will remain as 99/50 all throughout it's lifespan, as it starts at Episode 2 and freezes at Episode 6: Amatsu & Kun Lun. Afterwards, we plan on introducing some neat custom classes to spice up the gameplay and contents, these classes may can be obtained through completing certain quests from certain anime-themed universes, such as SAO and more.

For the most part, the server will be introduced as a "high-rate" during BETA periods, but will then throttled back down to a "low-rate" of around 10x ~ 15x. You may think of this as a "classic" or "ancient" server with our own expansions and episode updates on later dates.

What we aim is to maintain the balance and the fun factor or Ragnarok Online which is as follows

  • Roam the Game World and discover quests on your own
  • Areas(Maps) not restricted through questing
  • A fun storyline and easy to follow and more

What's the status of this project?

We are still pretty much developing stuff and is constantly adding new content to the server, however, we are focusing on the classic-feel for now since that is the main objective of the server, to retain the classic feel of the game while adding fun content through anime-themed releases in the future. There will be no new custom items or anything to disrupt the meta of the old times.

As such, I'll throw this in here as a ways to spread the word of our Beta, this coming September 17, 2016. Please note that this is not a server advertisement since I am only looking for testers who are willing to help the server progress. (more information about the beta tests were provided on the links above). I did not post this over at the server advertisement forum since the server will be closed down later on to give way to the second and third beta phases. As such, this is not an official launch and is not worthy to be posted in the server advertisement forums.

Thank you for reading and I hope you guys will offer your opinions regarding this project. I do accept criticism to a degree, however flaming with no apparent reason will not be entertained.