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Started by AyaEve, Apr 21, 2016, 01:51 PM

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Hi there!

If you can remember me. I suggested phonix RO last 3 years ago. You can check from >> http://forum.ratemyserver.net/server-discussion/phoenix-ro/

After Phoenix server had been raid by police. I never show up since there.

But this time I found the server that look permanent. Because this server have done for 3 generation (Eden I, Alfa Eden and current is Eden II).
Each server they run over 1 years but because of update to next episode make so many people bored (most thai people seem like old school style, I guess).
So the Eden II have set on Classic with will only Class 2-1 + Super Novice. For details can read below.

This server just start on late or Mar'16. But Eden team have optimize some content that make RO look exciting so there are many people join this server.

I think there are maybe foreinger who look for those massive people so I decideto translate their optimize, server info and policy.

But first please check Screenshot!

If you can see, there are show how many people online in chat box. It show 41,069 (but it's too small letter!).

See? Where do you think you can find many people inside RO like this?

So I will tell you about necessary information. But I have something to tell you first!

Quote1. I'm not good at English, so if there are something cause you trouble about my languge. I feel sorry to you.
2. I don't have much time. So I cant be always answer your question as soon as you need. So please be patient.
3. Thai people may be rude! I apologize for them. But I think everywhere has bad guys. Please ignore those dumb .
4. There are still have good guys. In case I can't be here to help answer your question. You can ask for help in Eden with English.
I believe, there must be good guys that glad to help foreigner!

And here for server info translation.
Please note** I translate all at once, so I didn't check spelling and gramma yet. I will be back to update and check this time to time. Sorry for my poor English  /wah
The picture will update too. Or if you don't want to wait please check >> details on each link in this post

Ragnarok Episode 4.0 (Applied Classic)

Base Lv & Job Rate : x 1 - x 3
Etc Rate : x 1
Usable Item : x 1
Normal Card Rate : x 2
Equipment Rate : x 2
Boss Card Rate : x 1
Boss Equipment Rate : Can check by command @mi and Mobdb
Most carry money : 1,000,000,000 Zeny
Allowed Commands : @mi @time
No divide Flee and Defend when 3 or more monster attack. Most evasive rate is 95%
Monsters can use skill


:: Feature & System (Community) ::

Guild War : off 20 home
Guild War Time : Wednesday Sunday (08.00pm-10.00pm) +7GMT Bangkok
Guild Max Member : 56 people
Party Max Member : 12 people
Share Party : up to 15 gap level
Allience : Not allowed
*Tresure at Guild castle must open before server down for maintenance*

No AutoBuy system
You can vending by use 2 currency system. Zeny system and Eden Coin system

Poring buff + Increse Agi Lv1 for 15 minutes and full HP when your level is not reach 60 yet.
No Emotion dice
OBB has a chance for all boss helmets except Grand Circlet, Crown, Tiara, Majestic Goat
OVB has a chance for all boss helmets
Ro-Eden allow player to play multi .exe for initial start (just for now, the future may limited)
Reduce Golden Thief Bug card effect down to 75% from 100%
*Sever down for maintenance every Wednesday 09:00pm-03:00am. +7GMT Bangkok*


Avialabel Job in Ro-Eden

Ro-Eden has only Class 2-1 which are Knight, Wizard, Priest, Assassin, Hunter, Blacksmith and Super Novice
Alsto need to do a quest to change job except you are "Rebirth".

:: New system of this server::
1. Party Bonus : If your party member contain 6 differnt class job, all party member will gain extra 40% Exp
2. Party Bonus 2 : If your party has full member (12 people), all party member will gain extra +20% Exp 
3. Book Of Growth : You can rebirth up to 5 times when reach and level 99. Each time you will obtain a book of growth which

have an extra attribute (I will translate this again in Book of Growth section)
4. Special Potion for Guild war which are very cheap!!
5. Giant Monster : Extra system that every map will have 1 monster (base on GM select for each map) that is big than usual. If

you kill it, there are chance that you receive extra costume helmet. (More details in next translation)
6. Extra Mvp Boss : For those who always miss a chance when hunt MVP boss. You can hunt these extra MVP boss by

yourself (yup, i mean one man fight is possible!) (More details in next translation)
7. Costume helmet
8. Eden Coin can change to real cash! (Thai baht)
9. Unique edited skill


Continues for server info! /ok

Bonus Exp and Bonus Party

Today we will explain details about exp rate and leveling system. There are several people still doubt why do they have a hard
time to leveling. As we have said, Eden II leveling easily than Eden I. The Eden I base and job exp rate is *3 but there are extra exp that you have to grind when you reached level 90. The purpose to have extra grind level is for prevent you  get bore when reached level 99. In the Eden II base and job exp will normal rate (*1). But  you can leveling easily by new system. You will gain extra exp when you kill monster that have level not over far 5 level from your current level, in this case extra exp is *3. Also when you team up with other people with 6 different classes, you will earn extra 60% exp and extra 40% exp (from normal system I guess :P).

And still also!, if you reach 12 people you will earn extra 20%!! See? you guys will understand obviously how easy for leveling in the Eden II. But still remind that you won't get extra *3 exp if you leveling with those monster who has more over 5 level than you.

For example

If someone who has level 60 and leveling with monsters that have level down to 65, he will gain extra *3 Exp. But if that monsters are level 66. He will earn only *1 exp. For the base and job exp of monster in Eden II, we have adjusted appropriate exp for this system. You can check from database or use command "@mi MONSTER_NAME" anytime. At this rate we think you guys understand the leveling system, so we'd like to explain that why we manage leveling system like this.

Let see the extra 40% bonus that we add in this system. Currently, several players who still play RO, most of them are veteran players, who leveling with only their teammate or solo. When you start new game for new server. Acolyte and merchant class will be overlooked when you need party. So we decide to add extra bonus if you can team up all different classes. Acolyte and merchant class also has an advantage from this system too. As we always said, we work hard to think, to do anything for make RO that we love better. So please don't be drama or any conflict because of our policy. We didn't do this for advantage of some people. But we do for everyone. We feel truely honored for every player who come and play Eden with us.

For extra *3 when leveling with not over 5 level monster system. We know that every veteran players known where to leveling, where is best place to leveling. These leveling method will have same pattern and that is so bored! Well, start at payon cave, go to glast heim (Thai people tactics is got many crowd at glas heim underprison and let it free jam zone, this pattern make glast heim has full of level 40-70 people go to leveling!), leveling at Fur seal and end at Hi Orc dungeon. We have to do something different at Eden II, so we work hard to make a change from every server we have done. That is spread player to every map as much as possible!

We try to make the dying place to live again with leveling like a stairway. Change leveling location depend on players level. Players will have freely to farm equipment to upgrade themselves. Becasue we know that the charm of RO is find rare items. You no need to have higher level to be rich! But if there are players who don't like these leveling system, you want to play your old style like go to glast heim and free jam. You can do! but it may be tougher than use the new leveling system.

Also you won't know how fun to team up with other people. By the way, no matter how many system that we try to make. The one who choose is you. You are the only one who can judge that we can make it possible or not. So why won't you try and proove it by yourself. We hope you will enjoy our server as same as we can make it possible at RO-Eden 2 years ago.

Book Of Growth

This system will make you character grow stronger by exchange youre level with the book of growth. When you reached level 99 that is not mean there is nothing to do. You still have fun by hunt for rare item. But why don't you use your effort exchange to Book of Growth? The magical book that can make your character grow stronger. But wait! Nothing come without pain, you know? Not only your effort but you still need your destiny as well. You can see how book of growth works below.

- Attack Growth Book (Atk Rate+3%)
- Defend Growth Book (Def Rate+3%)
- Mystic Growth Book (Matk Rate+3%)
- Spell Growth Book (Mdef Rate+3%)
- Accurate Growth Book (Hit +10)
- Dodge Growth Book (Flee +10)
- Fatal Growth Book (Critical +5%)
- Rapidity Growth Book (Aspdrate +5%)
- Life Growth Book (Maxhp+5%)
- Stamina Growth Book (Maxsp+10%)

These exclusive attribute from Book of Growth but it will not make too much different between who has it and normal players because there are still have some conditions like below.

1. You can choose these book with you own will for the 1st and the 5th time when you got it. So that's mean you can choose the status that advantage to you job class. But for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th you will got it by random. You must have luck to obtain useful book. These random system book was design for not make too much gap to other players.

2. You won't obtain book that you already own over than 2 books. We think 2 same attribute books won't make too much different to other players, so don't worry this system won't fair to other players.

3. Players can own the books up to 5 books, the only way to acquire is rebirth by reset to level 1 and start by class 1-1 when do a rebirth quest. On the way of rebirth, you can't change to other job that you didn't play on that character and you don't need to do a job change quest again.

Exp rate for each round you rebirth will multiple depend on what your round is.
- 1st Book of Growth you have to leveling with more exp rate 1 time
- 2nd-3rd Book of Growth you have to leveling with more exp rate 2 time
- 4th-5th Book of Growth you have to leveling with more exp rate 3 time

Basically, you have to grind level 1-99 total exp = 343m
First round will increase to 686m
2nd-3rd round will increase to 1029m
4th-5th round will increase to 1372m

You can choose your book only for 1st and 5th. For the 2nd, 3rd and 4th will random.

We hope you guys would understand what we try to present, try to work hard to make thing better. We never stop learning and improvement to make server can be acheived our goal. Our goal is make the RO is fun again, the classic moment, nostalgic memory from the past still inside our heart. We hope veteran players still need those thing and we will make it possible!


Continues!  /omg


Guildwar Potion

This section I won't translate it because there are not many details. The main idea is just make players who love to guildwar have extremely fun when guildwar time, so they will put the cheaper potion that can use in guildwar only. That's all.

Giant Monster

Giant Monster system is a new and unique system that we come up this idea for let player have more fun experience while leveling and make the dying map that's no people go to live again! We will put these giant monster to appropriate map, especially the low level map that even novice can hunt these giant monster (This mean if you were lucky enough you may have a chance to get rare drop item at the start up). What monster will be, what rare drop will got and where map will it appear depend on our decision. You can check from database at our website. The mini boss still have but we will set frequency spawn time while reduce drop rate appropriate for each miniboss. This will let people can hunt easier without conflict and high competition.

With this system, we hope the result is make un-popular map, dying map come to popular again. Reduce collision players on same map. More funning experience with hunting rare drop item in un-popular map. Also reduce players go to hunt boss, mini boss that popular which can occur conflict and hight competition.

By the way, this system is new and first time use. So there are maybe a change anytime. Because we have to control the balance depend on server situation. We hope this system will make new and good experience for player who choose our server and join with us.

After update, we think you guy have fought those giant monster. Not only they are strong but they have worth exp too. In future we have plan to update their attractive by add interestin rare drop item below.

- Old card album will drop instead of normal card drop and drop rate chance is 0.1%!! Because ther are many monsters that have trash card. We knew this well so we decide to change card drop to Old card album as a reward which make it interesting.

- Rare Costume Box will be droped by these giant monster. We add a special way to acquire this item to giant monster too! For the location of these giant monster can be found on several map except the map that we think it's not appropriate or there are mini boss, MVP boss on that map. Also in un-popular map we may add giant monster 2-3 type into it to make that map is so attractive and will be a other choice to those players who don't want another competitor to hunt monster in same map.

You can check location of giant monster at database in our website once it's completed.

MVP Boss

In RO Eden II, the items that dropped from boss are very valuable. Because the helmets will be dropped from playing only (They mean no item mall or cash). So the helmets from MVP boss not only for make your character strongger, it's certainly luxurary. It will make you looking great up to 100%! Not only helmets, there are still other great equipment that you need. But all we've said, to aquired those, you need to hunt between other competitor players.

Many people always said, all people shoud have a chance to hunt MVP boss equally. Because this is a kind of good colors of RO that everyone can hunt MVP boss, but not for possess by hi level team players. We decide to add new system of MVP boss. This decision may cause some people displeasure. So we apologize about this.

The MVP boss will have 2 different types.
1. Normal MVP boss. As it's called. The normal MVP boss will come with their minion and have high HP. The minion can cast skill too. After MVP boss dead, it will respawn within 120-135 minutes

2. Extra Boss MVP. These extra boss MVP are special boss that we purpose that everyone will have chance to hunt. The extra MVP boss will have low rate HP (around 100k) with no minion and not use skill. And will be respawn within 120-240 minutes.

The most damage dealer to Boss can loot dropped item from the MVP that he/she has killed (this will apply to party as well). Also have a MVP title appear if that boss is MVP. By the way to achevie this that player must stay on that map and not die. The good thing of extra MVP boss is it can die easily even you are not the top player. Because these extra MVP boss can be killed fast so there are more chance that who found first can kill before the other competitor found and jam.

We hope this extra MVP boss will let you guys have a nostalgic memory of RO in the past.

1. MVP and Extra MVP use same drop rate, so dont be dramatic when rare item are dropped. We always said all of time we didn't get involve with this. Every rare drop items are up to each luck of who accquired it. So don't blame us.

2. For the delay of respawn time if you think this is not worth your time, then don't hunt it. Let the other players who think it's worth hunt.



Continues heh  /heh


Rare Costume Box

These boxes contain costume items. You can get costume items mainly from these boxes.  There are 9 types of Rare costume box. Each box have 24 different costume item. And there will be more update in the future.

Here are list of rare costume box types

Formless Costume Box
Spirit Costume Box
Brute Costume Box
Plant Costume Box
Insect & Fish Costume Box
Demon Costume Box
Demi-Human Costume Box
Angel Costume Box
Diadem & Dragon Costume Box

Each boxes contain chance to get Premium Rare Costume and Rare Costume 4 different (may different items depend on what box is)

How to get these boxes?
1. Drop from Giant Monster
2. Activity events
3. Pay cash (Thai baht)
4. Special sale (can buy from mystery shop, for details will explain again) maybe limited quantity sale for each time (example: for sales 100 boxes, each ID can buy maximum up to 2 boxes)
5. ETC.

How to open box?
Box can be opened by 2 method.
1. Use cash point
2. Use zeny

We will choose the method depend on event or activities.

Example, when you obtained Rare costume box. The condition that use for open box for that moment is use 1500 cash point (150 baht or around 4.3$). When you open box, you will get 1 costume certainly. You may lucky enough to get premium rare that may valuable up to 20-30 time from the cash you paid.

Normally, the normal costume just for gorgeous. But for rare costume will have additional attributes. They are increase exp rate and increase drop rate.

Normal Costume Drop +4% and +4%
Rare Costume Drop +6% and +6%
Premium Rare Costume Drop +8% and Exp +8%

Now, let's see what costume you can get.


Eden Marketing

The eden coin can change back to cash and players can vending by use zeny currency or Eden coin currency. For this section, I won't translate it because I think it's not necessary for foreigner. But the purpose of this system of Eden team are to prevent thief or who use benefit of glitch, bug or whatever cheat other players. So they decide to let players can exchange currency freely.

Here are exchange rate.

50 Baht = 50 Eden Coin
90 Baht = 90 Eden Coin
150 Baht = 150 Eden Coin
300 Baht = 300 Eden Coin
500 Baht = 500 Eden Coin
1000 Baht = 1000 Eden Coin

Currency exchange: 1USD = ~33-37 THB depend on rate at that time.

The important thing you have to know. There are 2 ways to vending. Use zeny currency or use Eden coin currency.
They also add NPC who can collect zeny and exchange to Eden coin too.

How to change Eden coin to cash (THB)
As I've said, I won't translate the details. But you can found exchange NPC that GM will check and transfer money back at Prontera(137,170)

The rate are
1000 Eden Coin = 800 Baht
Minumum exchange is 500 Baht
(The change is fee)

For the rest details that must know for who use this system. But for foreigner like you guys, I think it no need. (Because I'm lazy :P)

Special District Zone

This zone will let players freely exchang their eden coin from other thing (just like leveling character business). This zone also call dark zone that Eden team don't want to see something like these on the normal map. But they didn't disallow because it's hard to disallow!By the way, this is not mean you can do whatever business. If it's too much, Eden team may decide to ban.

They think if they allow this, it may prevent those cheater down more or less. This section is the another one that I think it no need to translate. I will skip it!

Prontera the capital city

In Thai-RO most players will settle down at Morroc. There are many merchant vending here. Why?? From my hypothesis, in the
golden age of RO (around episode 1.5-2.0) when Gravity had updated new dungeon, town and map. The interesting town that closet to those new map is Morroc. The dungeon that popular are Sphinx, Pyramid and Comodo beach, Comodo area that have an Anolian. Because of these, most players have transfer there settle down to Moccoc. Finally Morroc is capital town instead of Prontera. (Prontera in Thai-RO is ghost town, you know!)

Eden team would like to make the prontera as capital town again to Thai players, and these are they decision.

Hi there! Today we will talk about the nostalgic thing that we really need to make it back again. We want to see Prontera as a capital city which there are so many crowd around of it. You guys know that we always settle down at Morroc every Thai-server.

So this time we will make the nostalgic memory back as possible by add the privilege below!

1. Add shop near Kafra only for Prontera and Kafra save point on some location in town for make most convennient to players.
2. Prontera Kafra will have all teleport and cheaper than other town! (300 zeny)
3. This is the most important for attract players to here.

In Prontera, merchant job (not include blacksmith) will gain base and job exp while still in the town!! (2000 base and job per hour). We add this to merchant because it will attract merchant to assemble at Prontera. If you are merchant it's okay to just stay, you still gain exp but why don't you vending instead just stay?? With this privilege, finally Prontera will be a town with full people. (For current status of prontera, there are too many people, so Eden team allow that map near Prontera still gain exp because there are no place to stand inside town lol)

However, there might be someone who think this is disadvantage to other job. We can confirm that is not true! If you want to be level 99, you have to wait for 10 or 20 years with these 2000 per hour? It isn't worth! We set exp point just enough for who need job point for learned vending.

All we have done is just for make us see ther nostalgic memory come true. And there will be next update for Prontera which has theme for each season. Please wait!

Pervent cheater, trouble maker and pernalty

This section I will translate for only main idea details.

1. Ice Wall ban on some map. Ice wall may cause problem to other players in some map and prevent players use macro so we will ban it on these map below.

alde_dun04 = Underground Anolian
cmd_fild03 = Anolian forest
gef_fild14 = Hi Orc forest
alde_dun02 = Hi Orc dungeon (Clock Tower)

There are some extra monster type on some map too, for prevent macro players who always use same pattern.

2. No marco and other program allow.
We will set an autoNPC (or sometime real GM) who ill pop up on some map within specify time. It will ask an easy question. If you aren't bot or use macro, there is no worry about this. But if no answer question within 2 minute or repeat a wrong answer. That player will be punished
(I hope they set question only for mathematic or you just prevent to go those map that they have this system just like Desert wolf, Elder willow, etc)

Those who use macro, GM will ban all ID on that IP address. If you want to proove that you aren't use, you can go to our website and use Live Chat on working time. There are will be a officer who support and they have video log too. Also can let other player in forum make a decision that you use macro or not!

If GM can proove that you used macro. You will be banned all ID in that IP address for 1 month. If you repeat and be caught 2nd time, you will be banned for permanent.



OK, that's all.

I will help you all by answer every question as much as I can.

For method to register, I think it won't hard for you guys /hmm
But if you have problem feel free to ask!

I'm really busy at this time, maybe Sunday I will come here and add picture for above server info. and policy.

Site: http://www.ro-eden.com/
Page: https://www.facebook.com/ragnarok.eden/

For client data check here

Select from where I point!


The f***, 40k people. And one of their FB posts had 51k likes. What's going on here


this is the way it tends to be in thailand and taiwan no surprise lol


Thai people just know what the good MMORPGs are. :-)

Edit: On a more serious note, don't trust those numbers. xD


Yes, you are right. Don't trust those numbers.
Eden II allow players can play multi-screen, so these numbers include those who leveling by share with himself.

Estimate actual players except merchant and those multi-screen players should be around 15k.


Is there an English version of translated version available?

This type of old skool server is rare to find.

Charity Case

i doubt it, only english server thats like this is sarahro.
Yeah these kind of servers are pretty fun to play on, if you know what the fk other ppl are saying/speaking


interesting server but its hard to play the game that is not in english version. is there a way to translate it to english /hmm


Quote from: ragnaron89 on May 04, 2016, 02:02 PM
interesting server but its hard to play the game that is not in english version. is there a way to translate it to english /hmm
if you can open their GRF you can might be able to change the msgstringtable (basically the file which has all the interface text in it)


this server its crazy populated everywhere, yea with lots of people with dl and merchants even in dungeons, so the 40k login count at america past-midnight time are real.

I joined the fb group and they were pretty nice with me helping to translate some parts of thai to english.
So if you wanna play, just go ahead   /ok

(had to register just to post this)


Hi there, sorry for no update. My notebook just broke and I can't use it until late of June.  /wah

Right now, I use workplace computer reply this.

By the way, just remind that you can ask thai people in game for help. I'm pretty sure there must be some people that glad to help foreigner.


how can i play this server if i can't understand the main language it uses? atleast they made this server an international one


ok i installed it. kinda good the server is stable and fast but i can't understand a single thing


Just capture screenshot and show it here. I will reply with all I knew.


I wouldn't really enjoy playing a server with that big of a population. Other than that, owning one like this would be pretty awesome lol xD


You can ask people in this group for help too. This group is a community of RO Eden server.



I've been to this server for a month. And been in Alfa-ro before ro-eden. I'm quite having a hard time communicating with somebody and the NPCs are in Thai. I'm still currently playing and coping up in the basic gameplay somehow. I can't understand what players are shouting. /heh