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Author Topic: [NovaRO/Shining Moon] Is migration to Helheim worth it?  (Read 11496 times)

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Re: [NovaRO/Shining Moon] Is migration to Helheim worth it?
« Reply #15 on: Mar 13, 2019, 12:23 pm »
It would be really nice of you if you could elaborate more into the "good on paper but mediocre" generalizing to make your point without context makes your answer seem quite shallow.

Note that I said most, not all of them. The server's intro when you make a new char was a red flag, at least for me. It is too long and while it is very detailed (in terms of explanation) it feels very hideous, and I'm not entirely sure but I made a couple chars and on none of them I was able to skip the intro. I may be a visual perfectionist but I didn't like the gate's NPC image either, as I also noticed that some of the skill formulas are not quite correct but it's the same in Nova so whatever.

In general, my issues with it were the graphics, tiles and NPCs. I also noticed that many people complained about the homunculus' behavior which is a big oof on Genetics. Also very personal but I didn't like the Overlord sprite bosses. These things made me think that PvP (which is not enabled just yet and lmao they're gonna open ANOTHER SERVER GATE FOR IT so rip your stuff in Helheim) is going to be a clown fiesta.

But in all fairness, Shining Moon doesn't have more bad things than good things it has. While I dislike the intro as a whole, it's not objectively bad. The NPC following you around and giving you explanations is a very good detail and I liked it, it feels like the start of a real RPG or something but it feels like it could be done better. The freebies and a costume hat of your choice is really good, on top of having a bunch of manuals and coins and other things when you're new, because we know that hats are the true endgame of any RO server.

There's a lot of things that Shining Moon could work on to polish their features and be better, and like I said before, i wouldn't go as far as saying that one server is better than the other mostly because I simply didn't like Shining Moon and it seems like a great amount of people out there did, so that's great, and it makes me feel glad that there are new players every now and then trying out RO, even when some said that it was a dying game.

Listen guys,

All you guys are wrong.

I'm actually an idiot and I love advertising my server in RMS topics that have nothing to do with it, why won't they ban me yet.


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Re: [NovaRO/Shining Moon] Is migration to Helheim worth it?
« Reply #16 on: Mar 13, 2019, 02:35 pm »
It would be really nice of you if you could elaborate more into the "good on paper but mediocre" generalizing to make your point without context makes your answer seem quite shallow.

aren't you the guy that got banned for using cheat tools on Nova and shared them with your guild, then cried about it and made a huge drama?

i checked Mun's videos and the content on SMRO is the opposite of official. their illusion dungeons are totally custom made, ask anyone who played iRO.

while i agree NovaRO takes their time to add the content, it's done right at least

The reason I was gonna leave is because of the self-destructive toxic community Nova used to have (and no, I'm not talking about Fu Wind's case, lmao). Funnily enough, after many of them left, mostly because of being banned or getting mad at Nova actually enforcing his rules, the server has become quite calm and less dramatic.

i couldn't agree more. the community became so much better overall, everyone is happier and friendlier now.

and at the speed NovaRO is adding content in the past few weeks, i wouldn't be surprised if they catched up. i would say it's not worth migrating over. it's the generic copy paste server, check their wiki, it's a copy of NovaRO from the top to bottom. they didn't even care to make their own rules. it will die in a couple months when their players are max level and don't party anymore, and then get bored

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Re: [NovaRO/Shining Moon] Is migration to Helheim worth it?
« Reply #17 on: Mar 13, 2019, 03:55 pm »
novashill quote here
You reek of nova shill it's somewhat hilarious, you target me with assumptions completely unrelated to what the topic is about, ironically enough, half of what you said is not true. You even remind me of tachi unironically, wouldn't be surprised if it is you in a hidden account. Regardless of what you say about me, it won't change the outcome of the server's situation currently. You claim that the community of the server became so much better and FRIENDLIER, good to know that you're the person rolling out the satisfying surveys for people there, you're exactly the type of sheep people want in their games, stay strong novashill

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Re: [NovaRO/Shining Moon] Is migration to Helheim worth it?
« Reply #18 on: Mar 13, 2019, 05:33 pm »
Thanks everyone for participating in this discussion!

So far it seems that most popular reasons for leaving Nova are community issues and somewhat botched endgame. Personally, I can deal with the latter - I can stand grinds and ok with them (Haven and Hearth stat balancing and Raggame taught me well) and I can deal with en. elu/ori (6kk zeny for a piece) and lowered success rates (the satisfaction of success has always been bigger than frustration upon failures SO FAR) more or less. The former, knowing how RO community for its most part loves moving around private servers, might actually be a problem, but not in the forseeable future, at least. I'm not zealous about kRO authenticity either. As for the "toxicity" thing... well, I have yet to see a nieche MMO without less than stable individuals. Everyone likes a good dumpster fire... that is, unless you're actually a part of it.

For now, I'll stay where I am, but will keep an eye out for SM/H's activity. Who knows, maybe they will come up with something that will instantly win me over. No bad feeling regarding Shining Moon overall, except for botched /hoai and one tiny thing that really grinds my gears:

Who the heck at SM thought that "Overlord" anime characters are JUST WHAT THE WORLD OF RO F*****G NEEDS?! I understand the desire to broaden custom content, but WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND THOUGH THAT OVERLORD SPRITES ARE JUST WHAT THE GAME LACKS! That server is not even themed around that piece of media! To be fair, I am not the one with a privilige of being a part of the taste police, my taste is so s*** that I prefer NWN2 over NWN1 and "Space Clash" over "Master of Orion 2". But seriosly, IN WHAT WAY IS THAT CHOICE OF SPRITES BETTER THAN RECOLORING DRACULA'S SPRITESET IN "INVERSIA" FOR SHARTEEL AND ILLUSION OF DEATH'S SPRITE FOR AINS?!?!


Well, thanks everyone for participating once againg. Good luck to Mun in his new pursuit, witty vocabulary and a bit more charm to Lai, impulsive victims to ninekoki, a copy of "Civility for Dummies" for Deegs and limitless prosperity to the rest of participants!

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Re: [NovaRO/Shining Moon] Is migration to Helheim worth it?
« Reply #19 on: Mar 13, 2019, 06:14 pm »
Hello people. For those who don't know me, I'm somewhat and old player of Ragnarok Online, have played this game for somewhat 9 years, passed for several private rates, and I've tested both servers, so I just wanted to give my humble opinion about this situation.

To begin with, I think there's no comparision point. Both servers are focused on different player targets. Both of them are good on their on way, and people can choose between both of them based on their personal needings. I'll try to make a exhaustive analysis of both to explain this:


Nova RO's a very polished server, where you can see the experience of its administration reflected on every aspect inside the game. As every server, It haves some issues (as its outdated refinement system, that don't match with KRO's updates that requires very high refinements), however the Administration seems compromised about it, and are already working on it. They're working on Monster Hunter, that promises to be a way to implement Blacksmith Blessings in a non-pay-to-win manner.

Its updates are extremely fasts, I don't know how some people can say thei're behind in content, and further, behind than IRO, when they already have very relevant content that even IRO is missing (17.1 Rework over skills, Star Emperor, Soul Reaper, Excellion Set). So that's definitively not one of NovaRo's issues, its administration seems very compromised with the Updates, every one or two months they have one.

What it is a problem in Nova, is thay they seem to be scared of progression, to the point that when they find something is "too powerful", they modify it before implementing it. Or either customizing an item (as Temporal Manteau), or either making the system to get it, way much harder than it should, compared to the rates of the server (remember we're talking on a 25x~10x server, one of the main reasons why people avoid officials to choose privates).

For example, with the Bio 5 Hats: I frecuently go Bio 5, and I'm on a Discord where people gather togheter only to make party to Bio 5. However, even there, people just talk about how frustrating is our Hat creating/enchanting system, and admit that they only go Bio5 or either "for fun", or either "for selling the loots", but not for the actual content... This demonstrating how non-related-to-the-rates this content is...  I and many people consider this as an issue. But it seems to be intentional, as the intentions of the GMs seems to be avoid the Powercreep that some people is afraid about (like the panic when people see a Ranger in KRO easily soloing Bio 5), however they take this to an extreme, which is clearly one of the weakness of the server... However, its clear that their intention is to make the server not for casual players, but for very dedicated players that need to work hard to reach the endgame.

Another minor issue to mention should be that some members of the PVP community are extremely toxic (not all, of course), to the point of not being able to talk two words without s***-talking someone. Demonstrative example:
The reason I was gonna leave is because of the self-destructive toxic community Nova used to have (and no, I'm not talking about Fu Wind's case, lmao).
However that's NOT fault of the staff. And on the other hand, Nova's PVM community is very friendly and helpful, especially with newbies. Even on Gramps you can see how PVM players are very kind and cordial to each other.   And so as kind and helpful are most of the GMs... For example, despite myself being kinda conflictive person sometimes, Panic and Tokei have helped me in a lot of occasions when I've had different issues ingame, being this a proof of how compromised they are with their labor mantaining the server, and helping all players equally. And I thank this very much.  /no1

In general is an excellent server, thought in people that wants to work hard and recieve rewards, being this a classic experience of Ragnarok Online.


On the other hand, Shining Moon is a very promising server that have grown extremely fast (in part, thanks to Munbalance's publicity). Both its administration and all its playerbase are extremely kind and frienly, that was a great surprise for me. You breath a new fresh air in their social media, everyone seems to be happy and full of joy. Seems to have very good developers, as they have implemented stuff very reciently updated on KRO (as 17.1 skill rework, and Green Aura bosses). It's refinement system matches the one of KRO, so it has no issue with the Updates that requires high refinements to be useful (as YSF01 set, and Illusion Dungeons). So my general view of its that, despite being unpolished, it has a lot of potential to grow up. We all know that no server born in the greatness, so they have to keep that hard work, so it could become an excellent server in the future.

It is also very newbie friendly. However, it takes that to the extreme, its so easy that some players have reached +13 refinements on all their Gear in a week or two. So it's clearly focused on players that have barely-to-no-time-to-play, and want to reach Endgame very fast. In this sense, I understand why is the perfect server for Mun, cause he needs to show actualized content in his videos to keep interested his 12k followers from all-server-around.

However, what keeps me away from playing Shining Moon by now is mainly this:
World bosses with "Overlord" anime sprites; a starting town that has nothing to do with the original game, crudely overlapped on Prontera; crude multiclass system, no-penalty teleport to any floor of any dungeon...

This, plus it's strange experience modification system, that allows people to play on rates 1x ~ 100x, as they choose.

I'm not saying this is something bad, for some people that can be considered something possitive, as it allows people to "play in their own rythm". However, it's clearly not thought on people like me, that's used to a more "classic experience" of Ragnarok Online. My mind simply can't find acceptable some custom like "changing your own rates", or "changing your job in the middle of the battle", or even "Overlord Sprites". Some people is fine with it, and that's fine. There's a lot of people that can enjoy the content Shining moon has to offer, and the Server has all of the tools to grow up.

At the end of the day, both servers are good, that's why both of them are the main Focus of the actual population of Private servers. But both of them are clearly made for different kind of players. One for dedicate players with a lot of time, and the other for casual players. So the choose is up to you. /no1

Can we all agree that Lai’s post was completely worthless and just trying to promote his own server as usual at least.

Agree. I mean, I've never tested limit, so I can't say if munbalance's criticisms about it are justified or not. But it has literally nothing to do with the Topic. Seriously.
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Re: [NovaRO/Shining Moon] Is migration to Helheim worth it?
« Reply #20 on: Mar 14, 2019, 05:05 am »
Though I never tried ShiningMoon, but I wouldn't try it simply because of its edgy wings.
Even if mechanics and the way it's operated is dope. That's why in my opinion, I feel like it isn't worth it. Sorry.

Most people here is talking about Helheim, which has no naruto wing.

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Re: [NovaRO/Shining Moon] Is migration to Helheim worth it?
« Reply #21 on: Mar 14, 2019, 02:32 pm »
I must say it's pretty funny watching Shills point fingers at other shills. I don't think people know what the term Shill actually means anymore. People are going to recommend a product they enjoy to others I don't see why this has to be a negative thing.

As someone who has played both servers and has left both of them(even shilled Nova for a bit myself), I just wanted to point out the irony.

Who cares if a server is worth migrating too, just play where you want to play I don't see the need to try to kick up dirt everywhere.
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