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Author Topic: [Concept][Low Rate]Isekai Ragnarok  (Read 2359 times)

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[Concept][Low Rate]Isekai Ragnarok
« on: Feb 27, 2019, 08:42 pm »
just want share some idea XD
the idea from manga based isekai genre (Summoned hero & Reincarnate Hero)

its just like seasonal on diablo 3

main server and seasonal server

main server = normal server so ppl can focus on end game like pvp and woe
seasonal server = ppl want play fresh but dont want the server close cause lack of player

every 3 month or 6 month
season server start fresh
at the end seasonal, character from seasonal server transfered to main server
and new seasonal server will start after 1 month or 2 week

all item and character will transfered to main server
NO MONEY/ZENNY Transfered XD(suggestion)
seasonal server only can make 1 character (no need merchant for vending, can use autovending/trade npc)
disable time-effort based like alchemist rating
no warper....
official like server/episodic server
low rate....

how to play on seasonal server :
1.[Summoned Hero] =
Take character from Main server but reset level to 1 but job locked, if u reincarnate Rune Knight u can only change job to Swordman, Knight, Lord Knight, Rune Knight
Can Take Card/item from Main server for use on Seasonal server
2.[Reincarnate Hero] =
Start fresh :3
Get more reward at the end of season

how to make ppl play on seasonal server :
Reward at end of season can transfered to main server
Point based reward = take castle, max level, job 3
Example : Job 1 = 1 point, Job 2 = 1 point, lv 99 = 1 point, lv 175 = 1 point
Limited/hard earned reward like god item, mvp card etc(Modified Version with account bound)
Example : "Modified GTB Card" cant trade
Example : When this "Modified GTB Card" inserted to Equipment, the equipment became modified and account bound
Example : +20 modified refine , when weapon refined with this became modified version and account bound

Seasonal Server not always start from episode 1 and maybe some costume feature so ppl not bored :3
for example

Main Server : Episode 1
Start Seasonal 1 Server : Episode 1

Main Server : Episode 10
End Seasonal 1 Server : Episode 10

Main Server : Episode 11
Start Seasonal 2 Server : Episode 11

Main Server : Episode 17
End Seasonal 2 Server : Episode 17

Main Server : Episode 17.2
Start Seasonal 3 Server : Episode 1

Suggestion from other server i see :
Dual job/triple job (like Shining Moon RO)
2 realm renewal & pre renewal XD so ppl who bored no need make new chara/search new server
no montly/seasonal limited costume or item (can earn from hard quest :3 so no hard feeling for veteran busy ppl who want to play)

hope someone can make low rate server from my idea XD
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Offline Yuzo

Re: [Concept][Low Rate]Isekai Ragnarok
« Reply #1 on: Mar 03, 2019, 09:05 am »
This sounds like an incredibly complex idea which only works in your head. You need to think beyond that.

"How am I going to translate this idea into one my designer(s) can understand?"
"How will I market this?"