Server Advertisement Rules [2016-06]

Started by yC, Mar 23, 2009, 12:41 PM

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This section is dedicated for RO Server Advertisements.  Please do not start topics that tell people not to join "xxxx" server.

Starting from October 27, 2007, all replies are restricted due to countless arguments, off topic discussions, flames and bumps.  Topic starters may still edit their posts.

All topics must have the server rates posted in the subject or description.  Failure to comply will result in a topic deletion WITHOUT WARNING.

Required: Your server must have a website, just a link to a social media page, a download link or a chat box is unacceptable.

Here is the general post format you should follow to make your topic easy for everyone to read:

- Server name and rates in the topic subject or description
- Server features and description within the post content (with details such as Classic / Pre-Renewal / Renewal)
- Include links to your server website, registration page and/or contact information such as forum or social media page
- Any additional information and promotional images you would like to add

If our forum staff finds your topic fails to provide sufficient information, your topic will be unapproved with the reason posted on the topic or you will be contacted via private message.  You should make the necessary changes and notify us for a re-validation.

Rule on Reposting: No more than one advertisement topic shall be created for the same server within a period of 120 days.

If you have more than one server of different rates/features under the same name (ex. aRO - low rate, aRO - high rate), you may create one topic for each server at the appropriate section.

If you server is far from opening, we recommend you do not start a topic due to the no reposting duration rule.  Your topic will likely be under many other topics by the time your server opens.

Also, please follow the global forum guidelines which can be found at